Asst. Prof. Dr. Naime ULUĞ

The main purpose of education in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is to raise health professionals who have adopted the ethical values of the physiotherapy profession, equipped with therapeutic strategies and protective principles in the development of physical health and functional capacity, accepted the concept of continuous health promotion and conceived the value of research, and are willing to be a part of interdisciplinary work with exceptional cooperation.

With its new infrastructure, contemporary education and research environment, and the active and dynamic academic staff who are continuously engaged in research and regularly renew themselves and contribute to science at a universal level, our department is awaiting to accommodate eligible students.

Our dynamic academic staff employs interactive methods for education through effective communication with students, supported by up-to-date books and publications within the framework of a multidimensional program. In this way, students will gain functional adaptation and the discipline of independent study with high motivation, and join the society as a successful individual with the ability to take initiative and to lead, become more innovative; acquire the human values with the perception of responsibility; respect human rights and freedom; and pass them the spirit of research and the enjoyable ways of learning.

As a candidate for being a university student, we call you to meet our university and our department with dynamic academic staff, if you want to be a qualified physiotherapist who would be employed within many fields of the medicine in our country and in the world.