The department of Avionics aims to train qualified technicians of electrics-electronics as required for maintenance, repairs and renewal procedures in the national and international sector of civil aviation. The department trains students in how to perform maintenance and repairs on electrical and electronic equipment of aircrafts using contemporary methods and techniques that fit the provisioned rules. The department holds a SHY147 certificate. Therefore, the curriculum of education meets that for technician training provisioned by the European Aviation Safety Agency, in addition to subjects of basic electricity and electronics. The education is provided in English as the language for aviation.

An Avionics Laboratory, an Aircraft Communication and Navigation Laboratory, an Aircraft Electrical Systems Laboratory and a Cockpit Instrumentation Laboratory are available at the İncek campus of our University. The department also provides in-house training with actual aircrafts at the training hangar at the Esenboğa Airport.


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To train students equipped with necessary skills in order to keep pace with today’s technology and develop technical information and the knowledge necessary to answer both current and future requirements of the sector


To be accredited at the national and international level thanks to its academic staff, modern laboratories and application-testing facilities and projects based on advanced technology.