Research Policies

The research policies of Atılım University have taken form in line with our vision to “rank among the top 10 Turkish universities and top 500 universities around the world in the fields of research and education”. It is our main objective to contribute to science within the framework of the criteria determined by reputable and reliable national and international ranking organizations, and acknowledged worldwide. Undergraduate students are also included in the research activities at our University with a strategic road map, and the capability to conduct research in line with our plans; a university that has adopted recognition to not only rely on research activities, but also on education, as well as knowledge production and sharing.  

Prepared for each calendar year, our “Research Volume-Quality Criteria and Objectives” contain most of the information regarding our strategies and this document will be updated each year in line with our new objectives. To determine the criteria of research volume and quality, the elements taken into consideration as much as possible by our university are the criteria used by the prominent ranking organizations around the world. These criteria are included not only in the determination of our research volume criteria but also in the preparation of our academic performance evaluation system. Publication of scientific research products in high-impact journals within the scope of Web of Science, creating funds by means of externally funded projects and commercialization activities through patents and utility models are among our fundamental research volume criteria. For each research activity, Atılım University has School-based objectives on the basis of international research potential and productivity of the relevant fields. 

Atılım University has defined the procedures and subsidies for guest and postdoctoral researchers to be hosted at our University for joint studies with our researchers; as well as creating scholarship opportunities for the students registered in our Graduate Degree and PhD programs as two of the most important elements for research. These factors are important in terms of creating an active and dynamic research environment at our University.

Our University has certain internal support programs that are funded by our own resources. These programs are revised in line with the current requirements, as per their budgets and levels of support.

University-Industry Cooperation has become one of the key elements of innovation and economic advancement. It is a structure that grants significant benefits within the ecosystem for both the University, and the industry. With this in mind, in an effort to enhance the efficiency of our studies within the scope of University-Industry cooperation, our University has a University-Industry Cooperation Advisory Board. With our Atılım University-Industry Cooperation Support (ATÜSAD) program, built to benefit the procedures of production and/ or service through transferring the know-how and research capabilities of Atılım University to the industry in line with the requirements of institutions and organizations; our University supports the R&D projects by certain organizations and institutions within the scope of University-Industry Cooperation.

Atılım University currently ranks in the 801-1000 range for the fields of Physical Sciences, and Engineering and Technology as per the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings. Largely based on the research potential and contribution of universities, the ranking by THE exhibits the ambition of Atılım University not only in Turkey but also in the international arena, in terms of research. Atılım University has always ranked among the top 50 Universities in the “Entrepreneur and Innovative Universities Index” rankings of TÜBİTAK since 2012. In addition, in the year 2020, our university ranked 33rd among all universities in Turkey.