The main fields of operation for Metallurgical and Materials Engineering are production of engineering materials, defining and improving their features, as well as developing new materials to meet the expectations at every aspect of life and the users from these aspects. Founded in 2004 and graduated its 10th-semester alumni in 2018, our Department also obtained MÜDEK accreditation in the latter year. Offering the opportunity to hold an internationally valid diploma through the accreditation in question, our Department has highly qualified and experienced Academic Staff. Many of the courses offered at our Department are supported with various practice sessions, and internship studies in summer. This way, we help our students become better-equipped engineers for their future professional lives. With the Cooperative Education curriculum that entered into effect in 2019, students may volunteer to work at contracted companies for a period of six months with no extensions to their period of study.

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To graduate Metallurgical and Materials Engineers who have strong scientific and technological knowledge, research and development and problem-solving skills, production and application foresight and capabilities and environmental and public consciousness.


To become a Department that has a nationally and internationally prestigious name with the quality of its graduates, research and development activities and public services.