The graduate degree program in Nursing for Gynecology and Obstetrics constitutes theoretical and practical information in women’s health, mothers’ and children’s health, empowerment of women, as well as development of public health in Turkey and in our world. Such pieces of information have a key role in subjects such as improving women’s health and resolving social issues (women in society, integration of cultural differences in nursing and women’s rights, access to health etc.).

Undergraduate-level education in nursing, and midwifery are available in, respectively, 142 and 53 universities in Turkey. Considering the requirement to train academicians for these universities, these numbers may deem it a requirement for academicians having completed Graduate-Degree education in Nursing for Gynecology and Obstetrics to fulfill the need for faculty members in the fields of nursing and midwifery. In addition, decreasing the number of C-section operations currently applied to 52% of the mothers in our country, and lowering it down to 15% as suggested by the WHO, as well as the promotion of regular births, are the strategies implemented in Turkey by the Ministry of Health. The program aims to update the theoretical and practical expertise of students in line with the current literature, in addition to providing them with the knowledge and skills to utilize their expertise and the evidence-oriented research methods in nursing practices to enhance the health of mothers and children, and to convey solutions to problems.

Our department shall initiate a thesis graduate degree program in the field of Nursing for Gynecology and Obstetrics as the department highest in demand in terms of the Turkish health system and the schools of nursing and midwifery, in Fall 2020-2021.