The Department of Energy Systems Engineering admitted its first students and started education in the academic year of 2009-2010 under Atılım University School of Engineering. In this Department, all kinds of energy are presented in modules (conventional energy, renewable energy, hydrogen energy, bio-energy, nuclear energy, energy planning and management) from their detection, production and procession; to their transfer and distribution.

A need is to arise for a surge of energy systems engineers to ensure energy supply security and solve environmental issues as the most important problems of the fifty years to come. In addition, Energy Systems Engineering is becoming among the most important professions required in our country and worldwide, especially within the framework of the European Union harmonization process, and within the free market economy.

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To train students who will plan, project, apply and develop national and international strategies for the production, delivery and economic use of all kinds of sufficient, qualified, sustainable, low-cost and environmentally friendly energy.


To raise engineers who conduct ground-breaking and advanced scientific research, have high quality academic formation and act as a guide by sharing creative ideas and suggestions by offering an extremely qualified education-training in all fields related to the energy sector.