Electromechanical Energy Conversion Laboratory

Accommodating 12 students, the Laboratory is equipped with 3 experimental units. Laboratory program consists of 5 experiments which are carried out with 3 students groups each week.

The Laboratory has experiment tables with energy units, single and 3-phase mobile energy units, rail engine stands, energy analyzers, AC-DC measurement devices, single and 3-phase asynchronous engines, rheostat, magnetic dust brakes, tachometer, DC engine generator sets.

The experiments carried out in the Lab are determination of the parameters of single and three-phase transformer, idle running and locked rotor tests of asynchronous engines, observation of the relation between torque and speed of asynchronous engines, open and closed circuit tests of synchronous generators and determination of V curve in synchronous machines.

Energy Systems Laboratory

Accommodating 35 students on 90m2 area, the Laboratory is equipped with 5 experiment units, 1 experiment set and measurement devices.

Students are able to both carry out experiments on renewable energy systems such as solar power, wind power and hydrogen power etc. separately and practice theoretical knowledge gained in courses through a hybrid system.

Besides the renewable energy systems, the Laboratory has a steam turbine training unit which is used to illustrate the working principles of Rankine cycle widely used in many energy generation plants.

The laboratory also has various measurement devices, a digital oscilloscope, voltmeter and tachometer. Students can carry out their own projects in the laboratory, as well. 

Using the projector in the Lab, students can present their projects.