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ENE203 – Thermodynamics I

MATH 151- Calculus I


ENE 201- Energy Systems I

ENE 102-Fundamentals of Energy System Engineering


ENE202 - Energy Systems II

 ENE 201- Energy Systems I


ENE204 - Thermodynamics II

ENE203 - Thermodynamics I or    CHE203 – Physical Chemistry or CHE207-Chemical Process Calculation


ENE399 – Summer Practice I

ENE201 – Energy Systems I

ENE204- Thermodynamics II

  ENE301- Heat Transfer 

ENE203 – Thermodynamics I or MATE203


ENE302 – Heat & Mass Transfer

ENE204 – Thermodynamics II or CHE207 – Chemical Process Calculation


ENE 308-Solar Energy Technologies

ENE 203-Thermodynamic I  or EE212 Elecronics


ENE306 - Nuclear Energy

ENE203 - Thermodynamics I


ENE 401 - Energy Systems Design Project I

ENE302 - Heat & Mass Transfer

EE352- Electromechanical Energy Conv.

ENE499 - Summer Practice II

ENE399 - Summer Practice I


ENE402 - Energy Systems Design Project II

ENE 401- Energy Systems Design Project I


ENE406 - Energy Management

EE352 - Electromechanical Energy Conv.


ENE428 Power Plant Engineering

ENE203 - Thermodynamics I  or

EE 352 Electromechnical Energy Conversion


ENE 412 Fuel Cell Technologies

ENE 203-Thermodynamic I or CHE203 – Physical Chemistry


ENE 421 Hydrogen Technology

ENE 203-Thermodynamic I or CHE203 – Physical Chemistry


ENE303 Modeling, Analysis and Simulation

PHYS I