As an interdisciplinary area powered by economy, law and accounting, “The Department of Finance” aims to train experts in the field with unique courses such as “Public Finance”, “Turkish Tax System” and “Budgeting and Public Funding”.

Atılım University opened the Department of Financing in the academic year of 2015-2016, becoming the first foundation university to open the department.  With our competent staff, our Department grew and ranked the 6th in the list of department base points in its field. Thesis and non-thesis Finance - Tax Graduate Programs, started in 2019, constitute the first department under a such name with the aim to offer studies in the field of tax.  

We see Finance as a state tradition, and as a social science that shall always follow the changing era. As long as states take loans, and takes are collected, there will be a need for well-equipped experts of Finance.

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The mission of the program is to develop the ability of the students to understand and to make research in finance and economics and the skills to apply those concepts to the making of intelligent decisions for themselves in public sector and business life. In order to realize this mission, a comprehensive program has been prepared for the students of Finance Department which will improve their knowledge in the subjects such as law, economics, mathematics, statistics, econometrics, business administration, accounting, public administration and sociology.


The vision of the our department also is to be a leader and reliable foundation in educating qualified and respect scientists within the framework of universal university culture and academic discipline, in producing high-level scientific products and in graduating free-minded, creative, self-confident and well-educated students at international level.

With its curriculum providing applied research skills, the Department of Public Finance will raise skilled public financers for both the public sector and private sector. It will be a solid start for our students who want to pursue a career in this field. We will be delighted and pleased to see you valuable young people at Atilim University Public Finance Department.