1. Have an advanced level of basic theoretical knowledge on the field of public finance in order to obtain the practical gains.
  2. Identify the issues related to the field of public finance by dealing with it within the framework of the methodological approach, and report and evaluate it from an analytical point of view.
  3. Understand, interpret and analyse economic and financial events, equipped with knowledge of certain disciplines, especially economics, business and law.
  4. Develop policies and strategies for solving the problems by establishing the cause-effect relationship related to fiscal and economic issues through theoretical information and the discussions.
  5. Establish the relationship of public financial management and budget theory with public policies, he/she makes strong budget analysis, develop analysis on public finance and makes a link with the policy implementation
  6. Understand the tax theory, learning the legal structure, following the legal and financial developments and gaining a professional competence in tax matters effectively develop it.
  7. Have knowledge of accounting systems in private and public institutions and businesses, analyze and interpret the financial and financial structure of institutions with the knowledge and competence gained.
  8. Gain knowledge of macroeconomic framework and growth theory, including theoretical and country examples, evaluates economic developments from a theoretical perspective.
  9. Use foreign language in financial and economic fields, follow international literature, communicate on professional issues.
  10. Benefit from technological developments in studies specific to its field by using information technologies, digital developments and common software.
  11. Use qualitative and quantitative methods for the analysis of economic, financial, social and institutional events.
  12. While fulfilling its academic and professional responsibilities, develop an approach that respects s United Nations sustainable development goals, freedoms, rights of the disadvantaged groups, environment, cultural and moral values.