Graduates of the program,

  • They work in various statuses, especially as judges, experts, inspectors, and audit staff in public institutions.
  • They work as experts, inspectors, accounting, budget and financial management officers in the private sector and financial institutions.
  • They can work as financial analysts or consultants who develop policies and strategies for the solution of problems by making technical analyzes on economic and financial issues and can develop their own business.
  • Conscious citizens and taxpayers; They have a high level of knowledge in tax matters, and they also follow public financial management and government budget policies.
  • They pursue an academic career to develop their expertise by continuing their graduate studies.
  • They are members of professional and social organizations.

Goal of The Program:

The main goal of the Atilim University Department of Public Finance is to provide its students with theoretical and applied knowledge and skills for the needs of the public and private sectors. In line with the main goal; being prone to teamwork, developed problem-solving skills, blending its own culture with universal values, having leadership characteristics, being an interdisciplinary field, supported from other disciplines such as economy, law and accounting, providing to its own special courses such as "Public Finance", "Turkish Tax System" and “Budgeting and Public Finance”, it aims to graduate public finance specialist who are needed in ministries, other public institutions, banks, other financial institutions and private companies, especially in the fields of public finance, corporate expertise and auditing.