Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elif GÜNEŞ

The department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design is attracts an intensive attention in the under-graduate level. Despite this fact, in our country, there is a very limited number of master and doctorate levels graduate programs in this field. This limitedness leads to a low number of professionals who are experts in Interior Architecture related fields and insufficient amounts of scientific studies as well as a high demand in academic staff.

               The master program in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design of Atılım University is aimed to support the attainments and skills gained through various fields with the theoretical and practical knowledge and to transfer this knowledge into scientific research environment in order to provide contributions to the scientific world, serve the society and acquire expertise in related fields.

The program requires a thesis and includes a rich and concentrated curriculum, aiming to raise the awareness of students in the fields of structural physics, environmental psychology, history of architecture and cultural heritage, teach the scientific research methods and techniques as well as interdisciplinary research approaches.