Traffic Rules at the Campus

University traffic rules have been stipulated in accordance with Highways Traffic Law number 2918, Atilim University Traffic Directive and the resolutions of President’s Office in order to prevent traffic accidents, determine parking rules, provide convenience in parking, and eliminate the factors that may cause loss of life and property in the campus.
University administration allows driving motor vehicles in the campus and all drivers must comply with traffic rules, Traffic Law and the provisions of relevant legislations and follow the warnings of security staff.


Vehicle Identification Sticker

Each vehicle must obtain a “vehicle identification sticker” in order to smooth the way to the campus, benefit from parking lots, be accessible where necessary and provide the security. The vehicle identification stickers are available in the Directorate of Security (MAIN ENTRANCE). The vehicles not bearing a sticker are not allowed to enter the university campus.

The sticker holders shall return the sticker to our Directorate, if they sell or hand over their vehicle. They shall obtain a sticker for the new car on the condition that they return the old sticker. New stickers shall not be given unless the old ones are returned.

The visitors must receive “visiting vehicle card” in exchange for ID card at the main entrance and put the card on a visible place during their stay in the campus. The visitors shall return the visiting vehicle card and get their ID card back while leaving the campus.


Vehicles must be parked in the areas allocated for parking in a way that they do not block other vehicles.

The University shall not claim responsibility for the theft in parking areas.

It is forbidden to park on sidewalks or the areas allocated for pedestrians under any circumstance. The vehicles who are parked in forbidden areas or violate the rules shall be shackled. Violating vehicles shall receive penalty points pursuant to Atilim University Traffic Directive.  

Speed Limits

Maximum speed is limited to 20-30 km/h in the campus.

Pedestrians have absolute and indisputable right of way in the campus. All vehicles are required to stop and wait for pedestrians to cross the street.

Other Rules

It is forbidden to sound the horn, make a convoy and pass other vehicles dangerously.

It is also forbidden to drive the vehicles which have faulty exhaust system and generates excessive smoke and noise, listen to music in a way to disturb others and throw rubbish from the vehicles.

It is an obligation to show Atilim University ID while boarding shuttles.

The drivers who enter the campus to visit or take a student to the campus by car are not allowed to distribute brochures without permission, violate security rules of the University and act in a way to disturb the peace in the campus. The members of the University visited by above-stated violators shall be responsible for such infringements and necessary actions shall be taken accordingly.

Cases to cause Disciplinary Proceeding

Drinking and driving,

Driving without driving license,

Causing danger while driving, overspeeding, racing with another car

Ignoring the warnings of security personnel; insulting, committing or attempting to commit physical violence against academic/administrative staff or students warning them,

Harassing pedestrians or drivers by car,

Giving Vehicle Identification Sticker to others or using other people’s vehicle sticker,

Attempting to enter in the campus by car although it is not allowed and proving troublesome for security personnel,

Carrying all kinds of guns, explosives, drugs and alcoholic drinks forbidden by law, and bringing them into the campus.

Other cases stipulated by Traffic Committee

Procedures to Follow in case of a Traffic Accident

In case of a traffic accident in the campus, drivers shall attach utmost importance not to create any further danger and block the way of other vehicles, and take necessary safety measures (For example: Place a reflector firstly).

The accident must be notified to the Directorate of Security (Main Entrance - 0312 586 84 03/04). If anyone is injured, Police Office (155) and Directorate of Health Services (0312 586 83 89) must be informed about the accident.

Drivers may move their cars out of the accident area after photos are taken and accident sketch is drawn only in the cases of accidents resulting in material damage. In the cases where one of the vehicles involving in the accident is an official vehicle, one of the drivers does not have a driving license or is drink-driving, police station (155) must be notified.

The drivers must keep their driving license, vehicle license and insurance policy available and submit, when required.










Not bearing vehicle identification sticker or labeling on the windshield.



Using another vehicle’s sticker






Violating pedestrians’ absolute right of way.



Drinking and driving



Driving dangerously



Causing environmental and noise pollution




Violating parking rules (parking in handicapped spot, blocking other vehicles by parking, etc.)



Driving on opposite lane



Ignoring the warnings of security staff