Conditions to Obtain Vehicle Identification Stamps

General Rules

In order to control the traffic density at the campus, parking lot privileges are issued to match the number of available parking lots in the campus for a fee as per the Traffic Board, determined on an annual basis.

To obtain a vehicle identification stamp, the determined fee should be deposited to the specified account number as per the announcement on the Atılım University official web page, and an application should be made to the Security Booth at the Main Entrance. To apply, please provide your complete Vehicle Identification Stamp Request Form, your driver’s license, your Institutional ID Card, and the proof of payment. (You may contact the Main Entrance Security Booth by calling 0530 781 11 41-586 89 99)

A - Principles on Issuing and Utilization of Vehicle Identification Stamps:

Vehicle Identification Stamps are issued at the start of each Academic Year, and are valid for that particular Academic Year. Their utilization is subject to the conditions below:

  1. Vehicle Identification Stamps should be stuck from the inside, on the top left corner of the windshield, in a way that makes them easily visible.
  2. Each Vehicle Identification Stamp is for the vehicle for which the application has been made. The stamps are non-transferable.
  3. In the event that a Vehicle Identification Stamp is used on a vehicle different than the one in the initial application, the stamp shall be deemed void upon detection.
  4. It is a requirement to present a driving license and a vehicle registration document to obtain a vehicle identification stamp.
  5. Lost vehicle identification stamps may be renewed for a fee.
  6. Bikers and users of other motor vehicles are also required to obtain vehicle identification stamps.
  7. Students with disabilities may receive their Vehicle Identification Stamps for free on the condition that they document their disability.

B - Vehicle Identification Stamps for Students:

Students of Atılım University Doctorate / Graduate / Undergraduate / Associate Degree programs may be issued Vehicle Identification Stamps the number of which shall be limited to the number of available parking spots. The call for action shall be announced on the Atılım University official website.     

  1. Vehicle Identification Stamps are issued beginning with September 1 every year, and are valid through August 31 the following year.
  2. Therefore, a new Vehicle Identification Stamp would be required for each Academic Year.

C - When a Vehicle Identification Stamp is Still Valid:

If a stamped vehicle is sold or transferred, or if a stamp is damaged, the stamp should be removed and presented to the Directorate of Security Booth at the Main Entrance.

  1. Returning an old Vehicle Identification Stamp grants eligibility for a new stamp, free of charge. When an old stamp may not be presented, stamp renewals are subject to fees.
  2. When a stamp is to be transferred to a new vehicle, the owner should refer to the Booth at the Main Entrance to update the registered license plate for their stamp.
  3. Parents intending to enter the campus to pick up or drop off students are allowed into the campus on the condition that their actions remain limited to picking up or dropping off students.

D - Vehicle Registration Stamps for Academic and Administrative Personnel:

Vehicle Registration Stamps are provided for the Academic and Administrative Personnel of Atılım University for a fee determined by the University.

Stamp Fees:

The Traffic Board determines the fees for Vehicle Identification Stamps each year.