Message from the Head of the Department

In parallel to our vision and mission statements, we offer graduate programs in Business Administration, Finance, Healthcare Management fields, either in Turkish or English as medium of instruction.  Programs in English appeal to foreign students as well as Turkish ones for that we offer education through the latest that science has reached. We also offer online Master’s programs to students who cannot attend to our full-time programs.

We exceed standards in our curricula, offering a large pool of elective courses to our students in order for them to take courses according to their areas of interest. Hence, we provide a suitable environment of education and individual development for our students. Additionally, instead of repeating outdated concepts, we offer to our students in a contemporary approach the relevant and current information which would help them overcome problems in future business life. In an effort of bringing theory and practice together, we supplement our students coming from a practical background with the theory of all the work they have encountered in job environment. It is our priority to add extra value to what our students have created so far.

If you think you have already distanced yourself from education we are certain that, with our supportive education environment, you would embrace once again the opportunity to improve and realize your potential through education.