We are a department that has been active for 22 years with the goal to determine the structural changes in economy and the problems of general business administration, to develop problem solving skills and to devise modelling techniques that fit our aims.

Among our cornerstones are to graduate more students into administrative positions of our institutions, to help them realize their inner potential to be go-getters, to prepare them for the entrance exams for high-tier, well-respected public positions, and to help them participate graduate and doctorate degree programs at ease, nationally or internationally. In this regard, our course curriculum is constantly subject to updates. In addition, we do all in our power to graduate students that stand out, with double-major program opportunities. We make an effort to aid our students in kick-starting their professional life after completing a period of one semester at Private - Public institutions within the framework of our Cooperative Education Program.

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To train individuals and professionals who constantly investigate and question with an innovative and research-oriented faculty and a curriculum which brings theory and practice together and to improve the intellectual, modern, troubleshooting and leadership perspectives of both academic members and students by means of research projects.


To become a leading department in Turkey as well as all over the world, especially in Middle East, Africa, The Balkans, Turkic Republics in Central Asia with graduates proud of their school.