Asst. Prof. Dr. Gökhan TUNÇ

Civil engineering is an important branch of engineering and covers the design, construction and rehabilitation of road, bridges, canals, dams and various type of buildings. Without a doubt, educating students, according to this definition, requires a strong academic staff.

Our faculty is comprised of young and dynamic faculty members, most of whom graduated from distinguished American universities. In addition to our young academic members, the most important features of our departments are summarized below:

  • Students benefit from our laboratories frequently;
  • Our student can easily reach us;
  • Our language of instruction is English;
  • We offer hands-on experience that increases the quality of our education (such as mechanics of materials, reinforced concrete, soil mechanics, fluid mechanics and steel courses);
  • We use the first educational steel sculpture in Turkey (which is at Atilim University) to lecture students on structural elements and connection types;
  • We offer seminars by experts in the field;
  • We arrange technical site visits to special construction projects;
  • We participate in international student exchange programs that support our students’ education abroad.

We believe that such special features, combined with our theoretical courses, laboratory work, practical field exposure, internship and seminars, have created a curriculum that enriching engineers with important critical thinking and reasoning skills.

The language of instruction of our graduate program is also English, and the courses in this program are designed to meet the needs of students who want to pursue an academic career as well as those of the private sector. Furthermore, we are very proud of our emphasis on engineering ethics, which we incorporate into numerous courses, as well as our continuing efforts to improve the quality of our education.

On behalf of our department, I wish our students, and our potential students, happy and successful academic lives.