Prof. Dr. Yakup DARAMA

Civil engineering is the profession in which a knowledge of mathematical and physical sciences gained by studying, practicing, and experience is applied with judgement to develop ways to utilize economically the materials and the forces of nature for the progressive well-being of humanity (I) in creating, improving, and protecting the natural and built environment, (ii) industry and transportation, and (iii) providing structures for the use of humankind.  Since this profession works with the great power of the nature for the benefit of the society, it requires a broad understanding of scientific principles, a knowledge of materials and the ability of analysis and synthesis.  Furthermore, it also requires research, team work, leadership, and business skills.  A civil engineer is the one who practices all or most of these.

The ever-increasing global population which is becoming more and more urbanized is continuously increasing the demands for energy, transportation, drinking water, clean air, safe waste disposal.  All these drive the development and improvement of infrastructure and protection of the environment.  Additionally, the society will continue to face natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, etc.  Therefore, being maybe the oldest engineering profession, civil engineering will continue to be a vital part of our society.

In the very first sentence above, professional competences were stated to be obtained by studying, practicing, and experience.  Most of the first item - remember, studying never ends! :) - can be attained here in the Civil Engineering Department of Atılım University which has a friendly faculty comprised of members with degrees from renowned international universities, laboratories for both educational and research purposes, and other facilities like computer infrastructure and classrooms well-suited for a good education.  Several other important features of Atılım Civil Engineering Department can be noted as:

  • The medium of instructions is English;
  • We offer hands-on experience that increases the quality of our education (such as in Mechanics of Materials, Materials of Construction, Reinforced Concrete, Soil Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics and Fundamentals of Steel Design courses);
  • Professional ethics is emphasized throughout the education given;
  • We have the first educational steel sculpture in Turkey that we use to lecture students on structural elements and connection types;
  • We offer seminars by experts in many different subdisciplines of civil engineering;
  • We arrange technical site visits to special construction projects;
  • We participate in international student exchange programs that support a part of our students’ education abroad;
  • We strive for continuous improvement.

Our department with all its faculty, assistants, and personnel warmly welcomes you all who want to serve the nation and humanity through Civil Engineering.  We had done and will continue to do our best for that purpose.