Asst. Prof. Dr. Gökhan TUNÇ

As the Graduate Program of Civil Engineering, our belief in the necessity of graduate studies in our rapidly changing and developing technological age is endless. We foresee that the products and technical infrastructure produced in the light of these studies will not only provide benefit for the industry and academia, but also our university and country. We are conducting our studies in accordance with this important mission.

Our graduate education is implemented through university-industry cooperation and involves the participation of full-time and part-time academic staff members who are expert in their fields. We have a total of six full-capacity laboratories to meet the technical infrastructure needs of our research. In these laboratories, we carry out testing activities according to specific requirements, and our technical equipment is updated according to today’s needs.

In addition to the fruits of university-industry cooperation, we would also like to take part in research and development studies with other national and international universities. Rather than being disconnected from the industry, we believe that our university should be an integral part of its operation.

The Graduate Program of Civil Engineering offers a Master of Science degree (with thesis and non-thesis options). Our language of instruction is English and our program is designed to accommodate both full-time and part-time students. The courses in our program are designed and developed to meet the needs of the private sector as well as students who wish to pursue an academic career. We are also very proud of our courses in engneering ethics and our continuing efforts to improve the quality of our academic education.

On behalf of our department, I wish our students a happy and successful academic life.