Instructor Feride GÜVEN

Dear visitors,   

Welcome to the web page of Department of Modern Languages (DML) of School of Foreign Languages (SFL).

The primary aim of DML; in line with the university mission statement ‘…educating quality individuals equipped with national and universal qualifications’ … is to help students become active individuals both academically and professionally by reaching necessary information they need in the globalized world and uphold their carrier endeavours to international level.  In this respect following Ataturk’s words regarding valuing Turkish language and freeing it from the dominance and pressure of other foreign languages and agree to his words: ’ In this respect we are obliged to learn foreign languages, since the western countries are ahead of us in science and technology . In order to get the know-how and establish relationships, we need to know their languages’.  In the light of his directives, at the university the students are guided to learn English at an advanced level and some other foreign languages at basic communication level to pursue developments in science and technology depending on their need and medium of instruction. 

In DML, post prep students are offered higher level academic English to help further their education and non-prep students are given basic English courses depending on their needs. 

In the departments students are exposed to various teaching learning methods and techniques and offline and online facilities to help develop learning strategies, analysing, questioning, synthesising, internalising, applying and evaluating the skills and knowledge to utilize them throughout their lives.

The curriculum, syllabi and evaluation tools for the courses offered by DML are planned, prepared and frequently updated by the responsible teams according to the conditions and levels. Applications of the lessons, testing and evaluations are administered meticulously by the dedicated staff with the valuable support of the admin, group heads and colleagues  of professional development unit. In this way students are equipped with critical reading, academic writing, report writing, together with effective listening, speaking and presentation skills.

During the fifth and sixth terms (3rd year) students are offered English for occupational purposes, to prepare them for work life irrespective of their fields of study. In these courses students are introduced to work related issues, procedures, team work, generic work concepts, thus make future work life familiar and easier without the language barrier for the students. 

Furthermore, in order to help the students be more prepared for their future lives, they are given second foreign language opportunities by offering elective other languages like Russian, French, German, Spanish or any requested far eastern languages such as Korean, Japanese or Chinese.

 As a support department, while helping the students in terms of foreign languages, they are granted lifelong learning opportunities, skills to be active and happy citizens in social and professional lives through   curricular and extracurricular activities. 

The instructors of DML are highly qualified and dedicated language teachers, all of whom are carefully selected among eager candidates in accordance with requirements of Council of Higher Education and ready to be oriented to the institutional cooperation and teamwork. 

Atilim University School of Foreign Languages has been accredited by Pearson Assured for 4 years in terms of organisation, teaching and learning and assessment. As one of the departments of SFL, DML is prepared to keep the quality standards for many more years. 

In the DML website you will find the necessary information about the courses offered, contents, related resources activities and announcements.

Thank you for your interest and good luck to the students.

Feride Güven