Education technologies are used very effectively in basic and academic English and other foreign language courses offered in the Department of Modern Languages at the School of Foreign Languages, due to distance education, distance homework and distance exams in compulsory situations. With the increasing number of students, classrooms and lecturers, the need for technology, student interaction and communication, and problem solving, has increased especially in the epidemic process, with the differences of the courses, teaching, homework and exam modes. For all these reasons, an educational technologies unit has been established in the Department of Modern Languages to support both the students and the lecturers in charge of the courses in order to continue the education and training processes without interruption. The head of the unit works responsibly to the DML Department Head and his deputies. Course group heads and assessment and evaluation unit heads will also work as members of the unit.

Within his/her duties, the Head of Technology Support Unit:

  • Discusses the weekly work flow with the Head of Department and Vice Presidents and plans for the technological support to be made.
  • Provides support for all technology-based administrative tasks (Excel file, electronic file archiving, etc.) required for DML.
  • Organizes training seminars for the effective use of technological platforms such as Moodle / Zoom / Teams etc. used in DML by all lecturers and supports their integration and adaptation with information and technology when necessary.
  • Prepares, adapts and implements administrative and academic questionnaires and shares the results with the head of the department.
  • Makes the necessary updates on the DML's web page, carries out the file upload operations and provides information to the relevant department deputies.
  • Provides updated data entries of Bologna documents required in ATACS system.
  • Makes the general control of the Moodle pages for the lessons offered by DML to Departments with Turkish-medium education (ENG121 / 122, 221-222 and 321-322) and English-medium education (ENG101-102, 201/202 and 301/302) along with lessons offered in other languages (SPAN / JAP / GER / FRE / RUS etc. ) and shares their changes, modifications and renewal suggestions with the course group heads.
  • Provides practical training to lecturers on making online teaching and learning materials interactive using technological methods and applications.
  • Examines the application problems of materials prepared by MDB lecturers and includes technological applications and develops solutions.
  • Guides DML students either face-to-face or online regarding registration problems and/or technological problems such as homework sharing/uploading on the platforms of the resources used in their courses.
  • Cooperates with the head of the department and its deputies on technological certification and data preparation in interdepartmental accreditation (MÜDEK-FEDEK etc.) studies, extracts, organizes and presents the data.
  • Fulfills the other duties assigned by the department head and the deputies according to the development and emerging needs.