Prof. Dr. Ahmet Mithat KILIÇOĞLU

Atılım University Faculty of Law was established in the 2003-2004 academic year and since then, it   gives a qualified law education with its expanding, valuable and experienced academic staff. Senior academics and young and dynamic lecturers and instructors keep the program that is being taught up to date, transmit and educate undergraduate students the theory and practice regarding each and every single area of law, with a great equipment and discipline.

Since the 2015-2016 academic year, under Atılım University Institute of Social Sciences, the graduate Master of Laws Programme under the name of “Private Law” is being given in order to construct a more intense, detailed and varied law education than the undergraduate education, for those who want to continue their works in one of the areas of private law. In this Programme, classes from the areas that comprise private law such as Civil Law, Commercial Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Private International Law, Civil Procedural Law are being lectured with the current body of law, including the most recent arguments and discussions in the field. Moreover, more specialised topics inside these areas of law such as trademark law, international jurisdiction of Turkish courts, law of employment contracts are being taught in order to have an insightful perspective. These classes allow graduate students to develop a better, more detailed and wider understanding of the point of views and arguments in the doctrine, as well as to do research, examine and write about those while enhancing their academic skills. A distinctive part of this Programme is that each class is elective besides compulsory Research Methods and Seminar classes. This grants students the opportunity to choose the area they want to work and specialize in and choose their classes according to that, freely. Therefore, students can personalize their education in the light of thaw interests in the vast field of work of private law that governs interpersonal relations.

The Programme, that aims to train lawyers who develop a detailed understanding on every area and discipline of private law and have academic discussions, do research and write seminars, articles and a thesis about these, will continue to give a distinctive graduate law education with its growing and expanding haste in the next academic years. Atılım University Institute of Social Sciences Private Law Department has done preparations in order to further carry on its graduate law education in a doctorate level with its experienced and senior academic staff, and has issued its application to Board of High Education, as well.