HEM501 - Perinatology Nursing I (2 + 4) 5

Perinatal health indicators in the world and in Turkey, the formation of pregnancy and physiology of the fetus, physiology and care of the mother in pregnancy, high risk pregnancies and nursing care, teratogens and social problems before and during pregnancy, labor, mother and newborn care, assessment of fetal health, complications of labor and nursing care.

HEM502 - Perinatology Nursing II (2 + 4) 5

Physiology, care and complications of the mother in the postpartum period; neonatal physiology, care and complications in the postpartum period; home care services and nurse responsibilities in the postpartum period; current developments in the regulation of fertility and the responsibilities of the nurse; education and counseling services in the regulation of fertility; evidence-based practices in perinatology; infertility and assisted reproductive techniques.

HEM503 - Women's Health and Diseases Nursing I (2 + 4) 5

Basic concepts related to women's health, factors affecting women's reproductive/sexual health according to their life periods, and nurse's roles and responsibilities in these periods, gynecological oncology and nursing care.

HEM504 - Women's Health and Diseases Nursing II (2 + 4) 5

The effects of changes in the health system on women's health, statistical evaluations about women's health, evidence-based practices in women's health, psychosocial and political structures affecting women's health, feminism, violence against women and misogyny.

HEM505 - Research Methods and Publication Ethics (2 + 0) 5

The stages of the research, determination of the research problem, planning, implementation, reporting and publishing of the research, research and publication ethics.

HEM506 - Seminar (0 + 0) 5

Field-specific literature review and presentation of scientific information and data obtained after this screening within the framework of a plan, learning and teaching strategies.

HEM599 - Master's Thesis (0 + 0) 80

Literature review, data collection and evaluation, analysis and reporting/presentation of thesis study.

REH501 - Basic Biostatistics (2 + 2) 5

Basic statistical concepts, descriptive statistics, tables and graphs, sampling methods, normal distribution and hypothesis tests, t-test and anavo analysis, correlation and regression analysis.

REH502 - Advanced Biostatistics (2 + 2) 5

Introduction to Syntax software, compute and recode commands, data merge, bivariate regression, partial correlation, multiple linear regression, confounding factors, interaction, logistic regression analysis.

HEM510 - Gender (2 + 2) 5

The role of gender in the protection and development of individual health, the causes of gender inequality, the effects of gender on individuals and society.

HEM511 - Family Health (2 + 2) 5

Family structure and roles, concept of social support, communication, home care, mother-child, adolescent, adult, elderly health and problems, protection and development of family health, nursing care specific to the family structure and family members.

HEM512 - Genetics in Obstetrics and Women's Health (2 + 2) 5

The relationship of genetics with the birth process, newborn and women's health, the importance of genetic counseling, genetic counseling practices.

HEM513 - Innovative Teaching Methods in Maternal Child Health Nursing (2 + 2) 5

Innovative methods used in teaching related to mother-child health and evaluating skills, practice of these methods in case studies.

HEM514 - Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Techniques Nursing (2 + 2) 5

Infertile, assisted reproductive techniques, the roles and responsibilities of healthcare personnel in the process of assisted reproductive techniques, planning and implementing consultancy services to be given to couples.

HEM515 - Urogynecology Nursing (2 + 2) 5

The structure and physiology of pelvic organs in women; prevention of urogynecological diseases and healthy lifestyle behaviors; basic diagnostic methods in urogynecology; pelvic organ prolapse, treatment and nursing care; urinary incontinas, treatment and nursing care.

HEM516 - Gynecological Oncology Nursing (2 + 2) 5

Protection from female reproductive organ cancers, early diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and home care processes and nurses' roles and responsibilities in these processes.

HEM517 - Qualitative Research (2 + 2) 5

Qualitative research features, design of qualitative research, data collection techniques in qualitative research, analysis and reporting of data, examples of qualitative research.

HEM518 - Newborn Nursing (2 + 2) 5

The state of newborn health in the world and in Turkey, the organization of newborn units, pharmacological principles and drug applications in the newborn, embryonal and fetal development, first aid in the delivery room with non-uterine adaptation, assessment of the newborn, nursing care of the newborn, evaluation of high risk newborn, nursing care of high risk newborn, neonatal diseases and care.

HEM519 - Women's Health by Life Periods (2 + 2) 5

The health problems/health threats faced by the woman in all life periods from the intrauterine period to old age and nurses' roles and responsibilities in these topics.

HEM520 - Transcultural Nursing in Maternal Child Health (2 + 2) 5

Culture and transcultural nursing, the effects of cultural characteristics on public health, reflections of cultural characteristics and changes on the health of women, newborns and children, the importance of transcultural nursing care in protection and development of health.

HEM521 - Women and Leadership (2 + 2) 5

Leadership concept, theories, types; the characteristics that the leader should have; reflections of the gender perspective on women, women's leadership behaviors and the profession of women; the relationship of excellence, change, entrepreneurship and leadership; professional development process, leadership and women's relationship; women's leadership education in academic and clinical settings.

HEM522 - Family Planning and Counseling Services (2 + 2) 5

The effects of excessive fertility on maternal and child health, family planning methods preferred in the world and in Turkey, and counseling services.

HEM523 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Health (2 + 2) 5

The concept of entrepreneurship and innovation, the importance of the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship in health services, innovation processes, patent process, and institutional and legal supports related to this process.

HEM524 - Palliative Care Nursing (2 + 2) 5

The concept of palliative care, principles of palliative care, the roles and responsibilities of the nurse in palliative care, the importance of multidisciplinary approach in palliative care, the care of the individual and her family at the end of life, institutions providing palliative care, ethical problems in palliative care.

HEM525 - Intensive Care Nursing (2 + 2) 5

Definition and responsibilities of the intensive care nurse, patient monitoring in intensive care units and professional nursing care, basic and advanced life support, patient rights in intensive care and ethical decisions to be taken in critical situations.

HEM526 - Woman Receiving Care in Special Units (2 + 2) 5

Characteristics of the health care service given to women in special units such as delivery room, operating room, intensive care unit, emergency room, palliative care unit, oncology services and care models specific to these units.

HEM527 - Concepts and Theories in Nursing (2 + 2) 5

General information about models, concepts and theories; special models, concepts, theories and theorists for the nursing care process.

HEM528 - Patient Safety (2 + 2) 5

Patient safety, accurate identification of patients, improving effective communication, drug safety, surgical safety, prevention of healthcare-related infections, transfusion safety, falls, and incident reporting process.

HEM529 - Health Promotion (2 + 2) 5

Objective and subjective evaluation of public health, gaining healthy lifestyle behaviors, planning, implementing and evaluating behavior change strategies.

HEM530 - Holistic Approach and Complementary Therapies (2 + 2) 5

Evaluating the patient and the environment in accordance with the holistic approach, complementary therapies determined by studies with high evidence level in the process of individual's recovery/improving health.

HEM531 - Health Coaching (2 + 2) 5

Use of coaching skills in the protection and development of the health of individual and family, treatment/care processes; the place of coaching skills in the nursing care process.

HEM532 - Communication in Health (2 + 2) 5

Basic concepts of communication; human behaviors; communication techniques; use of correct communication techniques in daily life; the use of correct communication techniques in patient, patient relatives and in-team communication.

HEM533 - Sexual Health (2 + 2) 5

Nurse's roles and responsibilities in the protection and promotion of sexual health, sexual rights and reproductive rights.

HEM534 - Physiopathology for Women's Health (2 + 2) 5

Cell physiology and pathology, effects of metabolic processes at the cellular level, physiopathological changes in women's health problems and their reflections on nursing care.

HEM535 - Literature Search and Article Evaluation (2 + 2) 5

Accessing published journals and books in the field, reviewing the literature, using national and international databases, criticizing and evaluating the sources of information.