Neuromusculoskeletal Measuring, Evaluation and Treatment Laboratory

The Laboratory is intended for practices of Basic Measuring and Evaluation in Physiotherapy, Manual Approaches in Physiotherapy and Treatment Movements Principles courses. Students can improve themselves in anthropometric measurements, blood tests, manual treatment methods, various exercise approaches and other practices and applications.

Electrophysical Agents Laboratory

The Laboratory is intended for practices of Electrotherapy and Electrophysical Agents courses. Students can conduct research on and practice physical modalities, infra-red, short wave diathermy, ultrasound, laser, galvanic-faradic current, diadynamic currents, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), neuromuscular electricity simulation, functional electricity simulation, interferencial currents, Russian current, and high voltage intermittent galvanic simulation.

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Exercise Test Laboratory

The Laboratory is intended for cardiopulmonary diseases, exercise physiology, pulmonary and respiration physiology and cardiac physiotherapy courses.

Anatomy Laboratory

The Laboratory is intended to study Anatomy course on human body mannequins and give detailed information on human body.