Self Access Centre (SAC)

Self-Access Centre was established in order to give its students the opportunity to develop themselves outside the class with the help of extra auditory and visual materials by using computers. In this way, they can learn how to study independently and become more effective learners. By gaining control over their learning process, the students will improve their studies both in the Department of Basic English and in their Departments. In addition, Self-Access Centre provides expert help whenever the students need assistance.

Location and Working Hours
Our SAC is located on the first floor of School of Foreign Languages.
It is open from 09:30 to 17:30 on weekdays.


The Staff In SAC
English Language Instructor Elif EREN is responsible for the proper running of the centre to meet students’ academic needs and provide them a relaxed, cosy atmosphere where they can study alone or with their friends for a high level of success.



You may reach us by e-mail , or phone 0312 586 85 42.


Responsibilities of SAC

  • To strenghten students’ weak points with one to one lessons,
  • To support their language learning process by making them benefit from computer assisted language programs and in this way to make language learning more fun and easier,
  • To help students study and achieve higher success by supplying different kinds of materials, such as worksheets and tests
  • To help students prepare their homework or projects with modern methods
  • To provide English books from all levels in order to improve students’ reading skills


Facilities you may benefit from Self Access Centre

  • Reading and Listening Room
  • Internet Connected Language Laboratory
  • Reference Books and Dictionaries (grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking books, monolingual and bilingual dictionaries of general English, specific bilingual dictionaries such as dictionaries of phrasal verbs, idioms, and thesaurus, course books used in the preparatory school, a variety of course books and workbooks at different levels for the use of both the students and the instructors)
  • Sample Exams & Exercises (Weekly quizzes, Mid-term and Proficiency exams and extra exercises)
  • Tutoring by making appointments