Graduation Ceremonies

Our members, hundreds of graduates and their families enjoy the feast-like graduation ceremony of Atilim University every year.

Graduation ceremonies are organized in the amphitheater of the University which is one of the largest theater halls in Ankara.

Top students of each department, school and the University are rewarded and all graduates receive their diploma in the ceremony.  

Academic Year Opening

Organized with the participation of Atilim members and students, Academic Year Opening Ceremony is one of the most important organizations of the year with a rich content including the First Lecture, award ceremony and concert. 

50 Outstanding Students

Organized for the sixth time in 2017, 50 Outstanding Students of Atilim University is a reward program initiated to recognize and congratulate our sophisticated students who serve for the society and our University.

These outstanding students are selected among hundreds of applicants on the basis of their voluntary services for the society and University, participation in student communities, entrepreneurship and leadership skills, research and work experiences besides their academic achievements.


Festivals organized at the campus bring our students together at concerts, fairs, contests, recitals and other cultural and social activities as well as the special organizations throughout the academic year.

We welcome special weeks, openings, semester break and spring term with concerts of the most favorite and valuable artists of Turkey, the performances of student communities, special academic and social activities.  


The most valuable theater players take stage at Atilim University with solo and double acts.

Students, graduates and members of the University have opportunity to watch a large number of creditable theater plays for free.  

In addition, the plays of Theater Community are staged in Ankara Arts Theater every year. 


The concerts given in foyer areas of schools and student cafeterias vivify the campus atmosphere.

These concerts offer wide repertoire from classical western music to Turkish and international tango works in order to place international music culture in the heart of campus life.

The concerts of Group Trio consisting of cello, violin, transverse flute, saxophone and accordion continue on three days of the week throughout the academic year.