Legal education seems easy for laymen; however, it is a quite challenging field for lawyers. Unlike the general opinion, the difficulty of this field arises not from the fact that the law is based on the memorization, but on the contrary, it derives from the fact that it is necessary to break this general and false acceptance and to constitute the basis of legal education on understanding and solving the social problems.

From the establishment of the Faculty, it has been given special importance to two factors that are important in the preferences of the law faculties: "faculty" and "library".

Our faculty comprises of the academic members who have proven competence in their fields and are well-known with their legal and interdisciplinary research.

The societal perspective of law requires lawyers to be able to understand their societies and their social problems. It can only achieved by well-educated, sophisticated and open-minded lawyers. With this awareness, we are endeavoring to increase our students' interest in other disciplines such as art, history and literature. We are also trying to expand the capacity of the Library in terms of legal books, periodicals and online legal databases to meet the needs of our students.

Aynur Yongalık

Dean and Professor of Law