HEM505 - Research Methods and Publication Ethics (2 + 0) 5

The stages of the research, determination of the research problem, planning, implementation, reporting and publishing of the research, research and publication ethics.

LCM501 - Anatomy of Locomotor System (2 + 2) 5

The bones and joints related to the movement system, the muscles that constitute the active elements of movement and the importance of muscle kinesiology in anatomical terms, the muscles related to the movement system and the clinical anatomy of all active and passive elements of the movement.

LCM502 - Physiology of Locomotor System (2 + 2) 5

Cell structure, physiology and movement system of cell organelles, molecular structure of skeletal muscle, physiological importance of skeletal muscle functions and its relation with the movement system, skeletal muscle metabolism, exercise physiology.

LCM503 - Neuromotor Control of Locomotion (2 + 2) 5

The main somatosensory receptors necessary for proprioception and movement, the important changes in the neural control of the movement that occur throughout life, neuromotor adaptation with increased and decreased muscle use.

LCM504 - Seminar (0 + 0) 5

Field-specific literature review and presentation of scientific information and data obtained after this screening within the framework of a plan, learning and teaching strategies.

LCM599 - Master's Thesis (0 + 0) 80

Literature review, data collection and evaluation, analysis and reporting/presentation of thesis study.

LCM505 - Histopathology of Locomotor System (2 + 2) 5

Bones, joints, muscles and the normal histological structure of the peripheral nervous system, developmental and acquired bone and cartilage diseases, histopathological evaluation of healing in bone fractures, osteonecrosis, osteomyelitis, histopathology of bone tumors.

LCM506 - Locomotion and Diseases of Musculoskeletal System (2 + 2) 5

The structure and functions of the structures included in the musculoskeletal system from the orthopedic perspective, the foundations of movement, the effects of musculoskeletal injuries on movement.

LCM507 - Infections and Locomotor System (2 + 2) 5

Preventive strategies for muscle degeneration, lymphangitis, basic laboratory tests, synovial fluid examination, use of antibiotics, local antibiotic and antiseptic treatments, prevention of infectious diseases and protection from infectious diseases.

LCM508 - Exercise and Cardiovascular System (2 + 2) 5

Classification of cardiovascular and respiratory system pathologies, symptoms in cardiovascular and respiratory system diseases, diagnostic methods in cardiovascular and respiratory system diseases and basic laboratory tests.

LCM509 - Pharmacology of Locomotor System (2 + 2) 5

Symptoms of locomotor system diseases, diagnosis of locomotor system diseases, disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, biological antirheumatic drugs, bone resorption inhibitors, general approaches to osteoporosis treatment, growth hormone and antagonists of this hormone, muscle relaxants.

LCM510 - Basics of Biomechanics (2 + 2) 5

Basic mechanical knowledge (such as force, moment, rotational motion) and the application of this basic knowledge on the human body.

LCM511 - Locomotion and Diseases of Nervous System (2 + 2) 5

Common diseases of the nervous system with their symptoms in terms of movement science and the approaches that can be applied in the treatment of such diseases.