The accreditation process initiated with the approval in February 2017 of the application by our Dean’s Office made on December 16th 2016 to the Architectural Accrediting Board (MİAK) upon the resolution by the Board of the Department of Architecture on enhancing the improvements and developments desired for the Undergraduate Program in Architecture, and executed through the evaluations on the Self-Assessment Report prepared and presented by the Department in January 2018, as well as those resulting from the Institutional Visit on the dates 01-14 May 2018, has been completed.

While the process was underway, MİAK was renamed “Architectural Education Accreditation Board” in Fall 2019 with the completion of their unionization efforts.  With the decision taken in the MİAK Meeting 15 of Term 7, dated 13th March 2020, our Department of Architecture under Atılım University School of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture has been granted “Supervised Accreditation of 2 Years” as per Article 7.4. of “MİAK Accreditation Procedures - 2015”.