Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emel AKIN

Atılım University Department of Architecture was inaugrated in the year 2009. It is, in terms of student numbers, a medium-sized architectural school, likemost of itscounterparts in Europe.

Education for the profession of architecture, which is expected to possess a multi-dimensional concern for human life, society and the environment, has to be multi-dimensional. In the Undergraduate Program of the Department of Architecture, efforts are made for the provision of this multi-dimensionality with a balance of the theoretical and the practical.

After the Integrated Ph.D. Program which was started in the year 2010 for graduates from undergraduate and master’s programs, two Master’s Programs (Thesis-Oriented & Project-Oriented) were opened in the year 2018.

The Department’s work on continual self-assessment, which is conducted in coordination with the Atılım University’s works on inhouse-assessment and strategy, is conducted in association with the external-assessment provided by the Architectural Accreditation Council (MIAK).

Atılım University Department of Architecture is a member of the “European Association of Architectural Schools” (EAAE).