Asst. Prof. Dr. Zeynep Begüm KALYONCU

Dear students,

Our Nutrition and Dietetics Department was established in 2017 at Atilim University as the first one with fully-English curriculum in Ankara, Turkey.

Currently, the need for Nutrition and Dietetics graduates is increasing since dieticians have a primary role in preventing the emergence of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart diseases as well as having a central role in the treatment of existing diseases.

Dieticians, the only professionals that can create scientific nutrition plans for individuals of all ages and conditions; aim to increase the quality of life of individuals and communities while contributing towards lowering chronic disease risk and reducing healthcare expenditures.

The need for dietitian employment is not only limited to healthcare institutions such as community health and wellness centers, polyclinics, and hospitals; but also ministries employ dietitians as technocrats and dietitians can work in all institutions where mass food consumption is in place. Furthermore, dietitians could work in varying departments of food, beverage, food supplement, and medical nutrition product companies in addition to be able to work in their own nutrition practices. Overall, dietitians can work in many positions as healthcare professionals, faculty members, researchers, managers, policy makers, and other nutrition related positions.

The need for multi-lingual academicians, who specialize in nutrition and dietetics is immense both nationally and globally for contributing to the current literature as well as providing dietary recommendations for ameliorating health policies. In this regard, our department continues its education and training activities with an academic vision to train future faculty members for Turkey and for other countries. Therefore, our curriculum is modelled from top quality national and international academic institutions. Since “nutrition” is one of the fastest advancing sciences, our goal is to empower our students to become the best academicians and/or practitioners in their field, who can follow the updated international literature.

Our students advance their theoretical knowledge by completing competitive projects and assignments, writing articles, and preparing debate speeches within the scope of our intensive curriculum. In addition, they have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge during advance laboratory practical programs and comprehensive internships. Last but not least, intensive social activities of our Nutrition and Dietetics Department and Atilim University, itself aim to maximize the personal development of our students.

Our goal is to create a healthier Turkey and a healthier world with our department’s high quality students and future graduates who will become world citizens.