Students who complete their junior year in the Department take the aptitude exam at the beginning of each academic year voluntarily in accordance to the principles of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) and the Turkish Conference Interpreters Association. Purpose of the exam is to test the simultaneous interpreting skills and aptitude of students.

Students who intend to attend the exam must have a minimum average of 2.75 in the courses ETI 211 (Listening Comprehension and Oral Presentation I), ETI 212 (Listening Comprehension and Oral Presentation II), ETI 307 (Sight Translation), ETI 311 (Note Taking), ETI 317 (Introduction to Interpreting I) and ETI 318 (Introduction to Interpreting II). Eligible students are required to submit a petition to relevant academic staff.

The exam consists of consecutive interpreting from and into both languages and simultaneous interpreting from English to Turkish. Students who pass the exam take elective ETI 413 (Simultaneous Interpreting) and ETI 414 (Simultaneous Conference Interpreting) courses in our laboratory as an integral part of intense conference interpreting training.