Our department’s quota consistsof 25 students. The education programme of our department is developed in accordance with the principles laid down by expert groups in the Optimale Network which works under the auspices of European Commission Directorate General for Translation. The translation and interpretation courses in our department are given at the highest level in order to ensure “occupational employment” especially after graduation, as emphasised in Bologna Declaration.

Our programme consists of both theoretical and applied courses. The role and significance of translation and interpretation in the international and intercultural communication are emphasised in our programme. Atılım University’s Department of Translation and Interpretation provides its students with an education fulfilling the requirements and expectations of the profession by making best of technical and technological equipments and instruments.

Effective from the 2021-2022 fall semester, a compulsory second foreign language course has been added to the curriculum of our department. It is compulsory to choose one of the French, Russian, or German courses as a second foreign language course. If students who choose French or Russian complete their courses succesfully and opt to continue taking them in their fourth year, they will receive a C language translation certificate. In addition to one of the second foreign language courses, students can optionally take general elective courses offered at the university, which will appear on their transcript but will not be reflected in their GPA. Both compulsory second language courses and general elective courses can bi viewed under the "general elective" category on the curriculum page of our department.

Double Major / Minor Programme

Our department has double major and minor programme protocols with the Departments of International Relations, International Trade and Logistics, Tourism and Hotel Management, Public Relations and Advertising and English Language and Literature. The students who fulfil the necessary conditions and successfully complete their education in these programmes receive a second diploma in double major programme and a certificate in minor programmes.