Why Atılım University Translation and Interpretation Department?

After a long and tiring journey, now it is high time for you to make a choice about where to study. Since you are surfing our website, we believe that now you are asking yourselves a few questions such as “Why should I prefer the Translation and Interpretation Department of Atılım University?”, “What would be the possible advantages of being a graduate of the Translation and Interpretation Department of Atılım University?”, “What would be the elements in this department which will help me shine through other Translation and Interpretation graduates?”, “In what ways may the diploma I would be awarded with by the Translation and Interpretation Department of Atılım University help me?”, etc.

The Translation and Interpretation Department of Atılım University has a four-year undergraduate programme. The objective of this programme is to equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge in translation and interpretation in such a way that they would be successful in their future endeavors and gain entry in the career they desire by shining through other Translation and Interpretation graduates. Students learn about and develop skills in translating and interpreting a wide range of texts of various fields such as international relations, law, medicine, economics and commerce, science and technology, literature, media, etc. while developing their English and Turkish skills. The undergraduate programme is composed of both theoretical and practical courses. Interpreting courses (consecutive and simultaneous interpreting) in the programme are offered in the simultaneous interpreting laboratory and students are equipped with many different interpreting techniques needed to work as a conference interpreter in their future career.

Furthermore, our department provides all students with the opportunity to obtain a French as a C Language Certificate (A certificate showing that the certificate holder is able to translate all kinds of texts from French into Turkish) and therefore stay ahead of the game in the field. If our students have more than one strong interest, they may pursue a double major or minor in the departments of International Relations, International Trade and Logistics, Tourism and Hotel Management, Public Relations and Advertising and English Language and Literature.

We also ensure students to follow up the courses more easily during the semester and be integrated with the courses, via the usage of e-learning management system (Moodle).

Students also have the opportunity to study with scholarship in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania through Erasmus Student Exchange Programme. By this way, they improve their foreign language skills and gain an insight into the culture of the country they visit. Additionally, students may take lessons from visiting foreign instructors through Erasmus Staff Exchange Programme.

Since our department has very strong relations with the translation and interpretation sector (Association of Translation Companies, Conference Interpreters Association, etc.), our students learn a great deal about the sector before even getting their undergraduate degree and therefore shine through their opponents when they are graduated.