Seminar Lectures given by Head of our Department, Prof. Dr. Berrin Aksoy at Romania Transilvania University - 18 05 2016

Head of our Department, Prof. Dr. Berrin Aksoy, gave lectures at "Translation, Research and Formation Seminar" which was organized by Transilvania University of Brasov' between 9-12 May 2016 for MA students. Vincent Giroud and Maryse Ivern from France, Veronica Popa from the UK, Liliana Comanescu from Romania (European Commission) gave lectures on various translation-related issues. Lectures given by Prof. Dr. Berrin Aksoy as listed below attracted the attention of the participants:

1. Comics, Humour and their Translation

2. Literary Analysis for Translation Purposes: A Case Study of Music on the Hill by Saki

3. Legal Translation: Principles and Steps