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2017-2018 Academic Calendar


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MFGE121 - Introduction to Computer Aided Engineering (1 + 2) 4

Introduction to computers and computing systems, MATLAB® environment, basic operations, arrays, vectors and matrices, calculus with MATLAB®, fuctions, graphics, MATLAB® programming ?loops and other programming commands.

MFGE101 - Introduction to Manufacturing Engineering (2 + 0) 2

Introduction, history of manufacturing engineering, manufacturing engineering education, design and manufacturing, manufacturing engineering and product life cycle, manufacturing processes and technology, case studies in manufacturing engineering, research topics and development trends in manufacturing.

MFGE108 - Computer Aided Solid Modeling (1 + 3) 4

Part design and principles of surface design, drafting of part design, fundamental concepts of dimensioning and tolerances, fundamentals of assembly design and bill of materials.

MFGE205 - Introduction to Manufacturing Processes (2 + 2) 5

Mechanical and physical properties of materials, metal casting, mechanical deformation processes (bulk and sheet forming), machining and joining operations, powder metallurgy, non traditional processes, micro and nano fabrication technologies.

MFGE202 - Principles of Engineering Design (2 + 2) 3

Auxiliary part design and surface design, assembly design and bill of materials, screw threads, threaded fasteners, keys, springs, locking devices, gears and cams, drafting, dimensioning and tolerances, introduction to linear finite elements analysis in Catia, center of gravity and moment of inertia calculations, simple solid mechanics problems.

MFGE303 - Metal Forming (3 + 1) 5

Plasticity theory and metal forming, metalurgical considerations; cold, warm and hot forming; extrusion, forging, wire drawing and deep drawing.

MFGE399 - Summer Practice I (0 + 0) 6

Introduction, manufacturing processes, practice.

MFGE312 - Statistical Analysis and Instrumentation (3 + 1) 5

Basic concepts, analysis of experimental data, working principles of basic electrical measurements and sensing devices.

MFGE316 - Casting and Powder Metallurgy (3 + 1) 6

Fundamentals of casting, solidification of pure metals, solidification of alloys, riser and runner design, feeding distance calculations, Bernoulli equations and sprue design, mold materials, casting problems and defects.

MFGE307 - Metal Cutting (3 + 1) 5

Machine tools and metal cutting operations, metal cutting mechanics, cutting temperatures, cutting tools: materials and geometry, tool wear and tool life, cutting fluids, economics of metal cutting operations, introduction to computer-aided manufacturing.

MFGE401 - Capstone Project I (3 + 1) 9

Review of engineering design concepts; phases of engineering design, feasibility study, preliminary design, and detail design; design for X; presentation tools for engineering design; types of engineering design; modeling of engineering design; case studies.

MFGE499 - Summer Practice II (0 + 0) 6

Introduction, manufacturing processes, practice.

MFGE310 - Finite Element Analysis for Manufacturing (2 + 0) 5

Direct approach, plane strain, plane stress and axisymmetric problems, principle of virtual work based formulation for 2D problems, FEM for heat transfer problems.

MFGE404 - Computer Integrated Manufacturing (3 + 0) 5

Introduction, computer aided design (CAD) systems, computer aided graphical modeling, CAD databases, computer aided manufacturing (CAM) systems, computer aided process Planning (CAPP) systems, robotic systems, group technology and cellular manufacturing systems, automated material handling systems, automated inspection systems, flexible manufacturi

MFGE405 - Rapid Prototyping (2 + 0) 5

Overview of rapid prototyping and automated fabrication technologies, injection molding, rapid prototyping technologies, the underlying material science, generating CAD models suitable for automated fabrication, secondary processing.

MFGE406 - Joining Technologies (3 + 0) 5

Stress analysis, static and fatigue failure criteria for joined structures. Design methods for mechanical fastening, welding and adhesive bonding; manufacturing of joints (i.e. installation of fasteners, application on adhesive on substrates); maintenance of joints (e.g. corrosion protection, inspection, etc.).

MFGE412 - Introduction to Optimization (3 + 0) 5

Introduction to optimization, graphical optimization, least squares regression, linear and non-linear programming, numerical techniques, unconstrained and constrained optimization, global optimization (genetic algorithm), applications.

MFGE418 - Advanced Strength of Materials (3 + 0) 5

Analysis of stress and strain, principle stresses and strains, generalized Hooke?s law, strain energy, yield and failure criteria, plane strain and plane stress problems, airy stress function, unsymmetrical bending of beams and shear center, torsion of noncircular cross sections, Prandtl?s membrane analogy, energy methods, plastic deformation and r

MFGE420 - Project Management in Manufacturing Engineering (3 + 0) 5

Formulating problems, modeling, selection of solution algorithm for models and computer assisted model solving and test.

MFGE426 - Manufacturing of Automobiles (3 + 0) 5

Manufacturing techniques used in automobile industry, automobile parts and manufacturing methods ?cast parts, machined parts, parts produced by metal forming, sheet deformation processes, polymers and composite parts -, assembly, welded parts and welding techniques, production lines, design of automobile parts considering production.

MFGE432 - Polymer Processing (3 + 0) 5

Introduction to polymer processing; the nature of plastics and rubbers; morphology and structuring of polymers; additives; surface properties; thermodynamic properties of polymers; melting and mixing; die forming, polymer extrusion, molding processes, manufacture of tires and other rubber products, composite manufacturing, pultrusion.

MFGE433 - Residual Stresses (3 + 0) 5

Residual stresses, measurement techniques, sources of residual stresses, development of residual stresses based on the manufacturing method, effect of residual stresses on subsequent manufacturing processes, effect of residual stresses on service performance and failure.

MFGE434 - Introduction to Distortion Engineering (3 + 0) 5

Distortion, distortion potential, distortion potential carriers, compensation potential, production step based solutions, intelligent process chain design, predictive methods, use of in-situ measurement techniques and adaptive process control.

MFGE478 - Production Plant Design (3 + 0) 5

Introduction, fundamantals of design and CAD, manufacturing systems (CAD/CAM, FMS, CIM), market survey and plant location, plant layout, process analysis, quantity and quality planning and controlling for production, process and machine selection, materials handling, storage types, safety regulations, maintenance, environmental factors, research an

MFGE481 - Nanofabrication (3 + 0) 5

Fabrication of metallic nanomaterials, manufacturing of carbon based nanostructures, nanostructured systems from low-dimensional building blocks, characterization techniques and manufacturing methods, proximity effect.

MFGE482 - Introduction to CAD/CAM (3 + 0) 5

Introduction to CAD,overview of geometric modeling techniques(wireframes, boundary representation,constructive solid geometry and hybrid modelers), parametric and variation modeling,parametric modeling of curves and surfaces (Bezier, B-spline and NURBS),introduction to CAM,CNC part programming, machining strategies, cutting tool selection

MFGE491 - CO_OP Practice I (3 + 0) 5


MFGE493 - CO_OP Practice II (3 + 0) 5


MFGE402 - Capstone Project II (1 + 4) 9

Review of engineering design concepts; phases of engineering design, feasibility study, preliminary design, and detail design; design for X; presentation tools for engineering design; types of engineering design; modeling of engineering design; case studies.