Prof. Dr. Sadık Engin KILIÇ

Dear Students,

The undergraduate program of the Manufacturing Engineering Department focuses on the manufacturing technologies that shape materials from raw materials to final products by means of analytical, experimental and numerical modeling methods.

Our department focuses mainly on manufacturing technologies on the basis of mechanical engineering and aims to give the quality education to the graduates with its design-oriented curriculum to meet the expectations of the industry.

Our graduates will have the knowledge and ability to do solid modeling of products, analyze their mechanical behaviors, design and manufacture the required dies and molds, determine the required manufacturing processes such as casting, metal forming, forming of plastics and composites, metal cutting, powder metallurgy. In this way, they will be qualified and equipped enough to work as engineers in the design, engineering and R/D departments of the companies or as plant engineers at the production lines. Our graduates are employed in the companies active in defense, white goods, automotive and their sub-industry sectors.

With the computer and manufacturing laboratories equipped with CAD/CAM/CAE, our undergraduate program is structured to enable our students to conduct their design and laboratory activities in parallel to the lectures they attend, starting from their freshman year. Laboratory, design and applied works are all planned to encourage our students to develop their entrepreneurial innovative abilities and to enjoy what they are doing. 

Our faculty consists of the faculty members who have strong theoretical, experimental and industrial knowledge in materials and manufacturing technologies and have industrial and overseas experience.

Our department offers thesis and non-thesis master programs. We are also a strong member of the MODES and the Mechanical Engineering doctoral programs.

The Department of Manufacturing Engineering is eager to introduce you our department better.