1. Ability to apply knowledge in mathematics and basic sciences and computational skills to solve manufacturing engineering problems
  1. Ability to define and analyze issues related with manufacturing technologies
  1. Ability to develop a solution based approach and a model for an engineering problem and design and manage an experiment
  1. Ability to design a comprehensive manufacturing system based on creative utilization of fundamental engineering principles while fulfilling sustainability in environment and manufacturability and economic constraints
  1. Ability to choose and use modern technologies and engineering tools for manufacturing engineering applications
  1. Ability to utilize information technologies efficiently to acquire datum and analyze critically, articulate the outcome and make decision accordingly
  1. Ability to attain self-confidence and necessary organizational work skills to participate in multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary teams as well as act individually
  1. Ability to attain efficient communication skills in Turkish and English both verbally and orally
  1. Ability to reach knowledge and to attain life-long learning and self-improvement skills, to follow recent advances in science and technology
  1. Awareness and responsibility about professional, legal, ethical and social issues in manufacturing engineering
  1. Awareness about solution focused project and risk management, entrepreneurship, innovative and sustainable development
  1. Understanding on the effects of engineering applications on health, social and legal aspects at universal and local level during decision making process