Important Notice on TUBITAK 1001, 3501 and 1005 program submissions - 29 08 2016

Scientific evaluation results (1st semester of 2016) of the programs 1001, 3501 and 1005, which could not be announced because of the case of emergency in our country occurring after 15.07.2016, are about to be announced.

In order that our researchers do not encounter with any problem about the new applications, the Office of Directorate determined the final application dates for the first semester of 2017 as the second semester of 2016 and the first semester of 2017 were united.

Final Application Dates (the first semester of 2017) of 1001, 3501 and 1005 programs as determined upon the decision:


•             Online Application via Project Application System: 06/01/2017 (until 5.30pm)

•             Submission of Printed Documents to our Directorate:  20/01/2017 (until 5.30pm)