Career counseling means the guiding processes through which our students raise awareness towards their own career development phases, design and plan their future in line with their interests, skills and values and cope with the uncertainties, changes and transitions in the process.

If you desire to be informed about the steps to take for achieving your goals, you may contact our department to get an appointment.

In the freshman year, you may receive information about the career options regarding your department. We can create a road map for your personal development by helping you discover your fields of interest, skills and tendencies.

In the sophomore year, you may consult with our coordinator to get information about skills and competences required for sectors and departments you want to work in, and to plan how to improve such skills before your graduation. You may prepare your CV with face-to-face support at our office and receive information about interview types you may experience. You may also ask questions about internship which is an important step in your career.

In the junior year, you may visit our office to evaluate your possible career options and make a more concrete plan. We may go over your updated CV. You may receive information about interview types, career portals and use of such portals.

In the senior year, you may visit our office for final reviews after you update your CV and prepare a cover letter that can be adjusted for various job applications. You may also get information on preparation for job interviews and participate in interview simulations.