Important Announcement About the Courses in the Department of Basic English

Dear students,

Education in The Department of Basic English (Preparatory School) will start with orientation training in your sections / classes in the School of Foreign Languages ​​Building on Friday, September 16, 2022, between 09.30 and 12.30. Attendance will be taken during the orientation training. Our students are kindly requested to attend the orientation training.

To find out your section and classroom, log in by clicking the links below. (You must enter the page that opens with your Atılım username and password.)

Prefac level-

A level-

B level-

C level-

D level-

Click here to buy the Digital Education Set, which includes the textbooks to be used in the Department of Basic English.

C and B levels club course registrations will be made on September 16, 2022. Click here to view all the clubs.