2022-2023 Academic Year, Summer School General Achievement Scores

Dear students, 

You can reach your 2022-2023 academic year, Summer School success status and exam result objection form from your MOODLE class with the links below. 

Our late registered students who have the statement " Apex’ten Muaf / Exempted from Apex " in their gradebook are exempted from Apex exam and they can start their faculty programs. 

A: https://moodle.atilim.edu.tr/grade/report/user/index.php?id=13423

B: https://moodle.atilim.edu.tr/grade/report/user/index.php?id=13424

C: https://moodle.atilim.edu.tr/grade/report/user/index.php?id=13428

P: https://moodle.atilim.edu.tr/grade/report/user/index.php?id=13427

Our students who have the statement " Muaf Değil - Apex’e Girecek / Non-Exempt - Will take Apex " in their gradebook will take the Apex exam on 21 August 2023 at 09:30. You can find the Apex exam rooms  in the link below.


We wish you success,  

The Department of Basic English