About The Sales of The Department Of Basic English Digital Teaching Set

Dear students,

Payments for the Digital Teaching Set, which our students who will study at the Basic English Department (English Preparatory School) must buy according to their level, must be made between 12.09.2023 and 19.09.2023.

Payment method

Please click the links below for payment. You can pay in 3 installments using credit cards with Maximum (İşbank) features.

The prices of the Digital Teaching Set are as follows according to the levels:

Digital Language Teaching Kit (with Mpad8):

A Level Digital Teaching Set (with Mpad8)12.200,00-TL (VAT INCLUDED)

B Level Digital Teaching Set (with Mpad8)13.800,00 TL (VAT INCLUDED)

C Level Digital Teaching Set (with Mpad8)14.700,00-TL  (VAT INCLUDED)

D Level Digital Teaching Set (with Mpad8)15.550,00-TL  (VAT INCLUDED)

Prefac Level Digital Teaching Set (with Mpad8)12.200,00-TL (VAT INCLUDED)


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please write the student's name, surname and Level information in the explanation part of the payments you make. Example: Hasan Güneş (22235465401,  A Level)

After the payments are made, our students can receive the "Digital Teaching Set" between 20.09.2023 - 26.09.2023 from the School of Foreign Languages, Floor G.