2021 Aralık Yeterlik Sınavı ( December PhD Qualify Exam Calender)

2021 December EE PhD Qualification Exam Calendar


8 Nov. Mon.                             PhD Qualification Exam Committee Meeting


9 Nov. Tue.                              EE PhD Qualification Exam Jury Meeting with the students


15 Dec. Wed.                           Submission of the exam questions to EE Chair.


17 Dec. Fri.                              10:30- 13:30 Written Exam


21 Dec. Tue.                            Submission of the results and exam sheets of the Written Exam to EE      Chair               


22 Dec. Wed.                             Objection to written exam results


23 Dec. Thu                                 EE PhD Qualification Exam Committee Meeting


27 -30 Dec.                                   Oral Exam


31 Dec. Fri.                              Submission of the results of the Oral Exam to EE Chair


31 Dec. Fri..                             EE PhD Qualification Exam Committee Meeting


31 Dec. Fri.                         The results of December 2021 PhD Qualification Exam will be reported to Graduate School of Natural & Applied Sciences.