On the Transition to Distance Education - 24 03 2020


Dear Students of our Faculty of Engineering,

Unfortunately, we are experiencing a mandatory interruption in our education activities due to the COVID-19 outbreak that has continued for the last two weeks. Therefore, to prevent our students from falling behind our educational objectives, we are working on implementing the measures in our power as soon as possible, as is the case with other universities.  

Under the coordination of our Presidency, the Moodle learning management system, with which most of you are familiar with, is decided to be used as a Distance Education Portal. All courses will have a Moodle site; all course syllabi and presentation slides, and other supporting material (course books not violating copyright restrictions, videos, sample problems and solutions, homeworks, if any) will be uploaded to Moodle, as well. Zoom online collaboration software is acquired and being worked upon to allow the conduct of online/live courses that correspond to the course hours. Students will receive further information about courses whose applied content is incompatible with a distance education approach because of the requirements of their labs and applications.  

Please make sure that you are a participant in Moodle to all courses you are registered in Spring 2019-2020 semester. You are also required to use your University e-mail account to be able to receive the updates about the distance education program. The target date for actively adopting a distance education approach is 30th March 2020, but your instructors might inform you on certain preparatory processes before that date.

Lastly, we hope to meet with you in healthy days, in our campus, in classes and labs. I hope that you and your family will overcome in health, this indefinite — but certainly about to last— period. Be careful about the necessary precautions, stay healthy and stay at home.

Prof. Dr. Elif Aydın