Announcements about Summer Practice for Engineering Faculty Undergraduate Students - 04 06 2020

Dear Engineering Faculty students,

We are trying to evolve to a more “normal” life without forgetting that health is our priority due to Covid-19 pandemic. In such a period, we would like to share with you several procedures specific to summer trainings in 2020 to proactively solve problems you might be facing. Please note that the procedures defined may vary according to departments and are subject to departmental approval except for Item 1.

  1. You will be able to present scanned copies of summer practice documents instead of bringing personally the original signed ones till the university opens. You will be required to email to your Department’s Summer Practice Coordinator or upload to a specific Moodle summer practice course, the scanned or photographed versions of your summer training application documents. Your department will be announcing the specifics of this procedure. When the university opens, you will be required to bring the original signed copies to your Department’s Summer Practice Coordinator for their signature and further processing.
  2. You can start your summer practice in an approved firm after the finals end, on 30th June 2020. Earlier starts due to earlier finishing of finals is subject to departmental approval.
  3. Summer practices  can be carried out by being physically present in person in the firm as usual. In addition to this, it is possible to do remote summer practice by online work as well as a combination of both, if approved by your department and the firm. 
  4. For those students who are taking classes in the summer school in parallel to summer practice, it is possible to extend their total training duration (for example, by adding one day for each course taken) subject to departmental approval.
  5. It may be possible to divide the training period to intervals in the same workplace due to compulsory reasons involving the pandemic, subject to the approval of Faculty Summer Practice Coordinator via your Department’s Summer Practice Coordinator.
  6. Those students who have to start their summer practices later than usual because of their firm’s policies, might complete their practices before the end of Add-Drop period of Fall 2020-2021 semester subject to the approval of Department’s Summer Practice Coordinator. Those students who will do their summer practice in the winter break as they could not arrange firms in the summer, can likewise complete their trainings by the end of Add-Drop period of Spring 2020-2021 semester subject to the approval of Department’s Summer Practice Coordinator.
  7. Those students who are in graduation status (including those who will graduate at the end of Fall 2020-2021 semester) and who can not find a firm for summer practice will be actively supported in their search by their departments. If necessary, the students will be able to do their summer practice remotely (or in person if undergraduate access is allowed to campus) in a suitable research or administrative unit in Atılım University; or in a project proposed by a faculty member and approved by the department.
  8. Other situations arising will be resolved by your Departments

We wish you all good luck in your exams, and a healthy summer with your family and loved ones.