Graduation and diploma delivery procedures for Fall 2022-2023

The students fulfilling the academic criteria for graduation, and the administrative approvals for whom are complete, would be eligible to collect their diplomas starting from   23.01.2023

  • To be collected after 10:00 AM by students arriving before noon,
  • To be collected after 2:00 PM by students arriving in the afternoon
  • Should you require a proof of graduation and transcript , please visit the E-Devlet (Electronic State):




Please note: If you are to graduate, please check the administrative approval for your status of graduate using the “Graduation Approval Status” page under the “Course Registration and Graduation Transactions” menu on the ATACS system. If your administrative approvals are incomplete, please contact the departments with missing administrative approvals to request information, and if any, complete your payment or delivery transactions regarding fees, or the materials that you may have (books, devices, sports equipment etc.).