Regarding Pausing Education

Dear students,
The Council of Higher Education Executive Board Meeting of February 9, 2023, resolved that “The decision on whether to suspend or continue education at higher education institutions having already initiated their Spring Semester is left to the authorized boards of the relevant higher education institutions.”
In this regard, the Atılım University Senate convening on February 10, 2023, resolved to pause education until February 20, 2023, to start again on Monday, February 20, 2023; on the grounds of concerns regarding possible delays in the graduation dates of our final-year students, possible challenges in the implementation of the Summer School, and the possible time limitations to arise for students destined to intern during the summer season. As per the meeting in question, the academic calendar has been amended, and the new version is published on our official web site. 
Kindly submitted for your information.
Atılım University Presidency