Separating Course Registration Days into Time Slots for each Grade

Dear Undergraduate and Graduate Students,

Please kindly note that the undergraduate and graduate student courses registration activities regarding 2016 - 2017 Spring Semester shall be performed on ATACS infrastructure, within the academic calendar's courses registration period of Feb 8th - Feb 15th, in the order as described by the below table.

Please kindly be aware that the semester counter and consequent class information of each student is evaluated immediately before the first day of courses registration period. Therefore, please be sure to check your class information to determine in which group you are and consequently in which date/time slot you are supposed to perform your courses registration activities. Your class information is displayed on your ATACS home page, on the upper right corner of the screen, following the phrase of "Dönem No/Sınıf", as the rightmost figure.  

We wish you all the best and all the success in the upcoming 2016 -2017 Spring Semester



Group of Students to Perform Courses Registration

Available Date and Time Slot

Undergraduate freshman students

Feb 9th Thursday, at 16:30 - Feb 10th Friday, at 17:00

Undergraduate sophomore students

Feb 9th Thursday, at 09:30 - Feb 10th Friday, at 17:00

Undergraduate junior students

Feb 8th Wednesday, at 15:00 - Feb 10th Friday, at 17:00

Undergraduate senior students

Feb 8th Wedesday, at 09:30 - Feb 10th Friday, at 17:00

All graduate students

Feb 13th Monday, at 09:30 - Feb 15th Wednesday, at 17:00