Follow Information and Updates on Academic Activities and Campus Life Here

Follow Information and Updates on Academic Activities and Campus Life Here

NEW > Announcement on Tuition Fee Payments dated 29.06.2020

Dear Students,

From the Summer semester of 2019-2020, tuition fee payments may only be made via the Online Payment menu of the Denizbank Online Banking Service, via the Virtual POS payment system, or at any Denizbank branch in Turkey via their University Tuition Fee Payment System.

Our accounts are closed for wire transfer transactions. Click here for more information on payment options.

Make-Up Exam announcement dated 18.06.2020

Dear students,

I would like to bring the following to your attention regarding the Make-Up Exams to take place between the month of June, and July 4th.

  1. You may take a single Make-Up Exam for any course, regardless of having taken that particular course before, or during the distance education period, to replace any midterm or semester final exam of Spring 2019-2020.
  2. You will be required to inform the instructor of that particular course regarding your exam of choice to be replaced by the Make-Up Exam that you wish to take, by e-mail.
  3. When this is the case, your Make-Up Exam grades shall overwrite the grades of your exam of choice as per your letter. Since the Senate resolution concludes that such grades are to be evaluated in favor of our students, your semester success grades will be assessed taking your Make-Up Exam grades into account, should you achieve any grade higher than the one obtained from your exam of choice as per your letter. However, if your Make-Up Exam grade falls short of your actual grade, it shall not affect the final evaluation.
  4. In addition, as per the Senate resolution in question, the grades FF and FD shall not be used for undergraduate or graduate degree courses of this semester. Students failing in any class will be issued the grade “W” instead.
  5. Students who have maximum two failed courses remaining for their graduation and who wish to take an additional exam may do so only in the current semester, and for their courses from Spring 2019-2020 with the grade “W”.

Kind regards.

Prof. Dr. M. Yıldırım Üçtuğ


Course withdrawal applications announcement dated 16.05.2020

Dear Students,

Course withdrawal applications closed on 15.05.2020. Upon the request by students having made course withdrawal applications;

Our students wishing to exercise the right as per the statements “Undergraduate and graduate students failing their courses with FF or FD shall have their grades converted to W (Withdrawal). This way, the negative effects of the grades FF and FD on student GPAs shall be prevented.” on the commentary by the Presidency dated 13.05.2020 and those wishing to cancel their withdrawal requests are required to contact the instructor of the relevant course. 

Relevant students may benefit from this right in line with their approval by the course instructor (provided that student eligibility is notified to


Message from the President dated 13.05.2020

Valuable faculty members and dear students,

Within the framework of the normalization period in relation to the Corona pandemic, and the commentary by the Higher Education Council, our University Senate gathered on May 12th 2020, and reached the following resolutions.

  1. The academic calendar in relation to the spring semester and the summer school of 2019-2020 has been rearranged, and it shall be announced today on our web page. In this regard, our education during the spring semester shall continue as distance education until Friday, June 12th. Incomplete course presentations shall be completed, missing midterm exams shall be administered, and homework and project studies shall be performed until that date.
  2. The School/ Graduate School shall decide on the issues of how and when to perform the missing practice sessions for practice courses, and share their decisions accordingly, with their students.
  3. Final exams are to take place via Moodle and/ or Zoom between June 15th-29th.
  4. The first and the second midterm exams of the Department of Basic English, as well as the English Proficiency Exam are to take place remotely, in the same manner.
  5. Final make-up exams are to be administered between June 30th-July 5th in the same manner. Students shall not be expected to present any excuses, reports or so forth; and even if they have taken their midterms/ finals, students may take the make-up exams should they wish to do so. Make-up exam grades are only assessed in a manner to benefit students.
  6. The grades of FF and FD of associate degree and undergraduate degree students at the end of the spring semester are to be converted into W (Withdrawal). This way, these grades shall not affect the grade point averages of our students negatively.
  7. Our Summer School shall open between July 13th-August 21st. More information is to come regarding our summer school.

Details on other issues shall be reassessed and shared with you in the light of the developments after May 27th.

Our University and our Faculty Members have been doing everything in their power to help our students leave the current extraordinary period behind with as few problems as possible. In this regard, I would like to thank our faculty members, and wish our students success.Hoping to meet at the campus at healthier times, I would like to kindly extend my regard and respect for all.

Withdrawal applications announcement dated 30.04.2020

Dear Students,

Withdrawal applications have been extended until 15.05.2020.

Registrar’s Office

Message from the President dated 30.04.2020

Dear Students,

I hope you and your loved ones are alright. As I have previously mentioned, we are witnessing difficult times while your health and your education are top priorities. Our University continues to progress with distance education with the opportunities that we have been able to create, and we expect to continue to do so until the end of May.

As you know, our University offers education in a wide array of fields, from health care to engineering, from law to civil aviation, or even from architecture to social sciences. To test whether our education has achieved its goals, we rely on certain methods under these disciplines. For some courses, projects, homework, quizzes or practice sessions happen to be the case. However, for most of our courses there is a need for examination for a final and just evaluation. Therefore, it is inevitable for us to organize midterm and final exams in the current, unique period.

In this regard, our University has decided to either organize online verbal or written midterm exams, or to implement choices such as projects or homework instead. However, most courses shall require final exams, and this is in our University agenda.

Various outcomes may emerge when distance learning ends on May 29. We may not be allowed to return to formal education at the University right away. In this case, waiting to organize final exams may cause losses in time for students aiming to attend our summer school, looking forward to advancing their sections or to their graduation, or those awaiting the commencement of their internship studies.

In this regard, our University is currently seeking alternatives to face-to-face exams. At this point you may agree that, since exams are to take place, they should be conducted with no room for any injustice. In fact, the Higher Education Council has bestowed the austerity to the power of universities, on the condition to prioritize justice and transparency. In this regard, we initiated our efforts to find a solution, and a software product globally used by over 100 million users has been made available for trials by our instructors. Our aim was to create an alternative to face-to-face final exams. For now, your midterm exams shall progress via other methods.  However, as I have mentioned, should we happen to be in a position to conduct final exams online due to obligations or health concerns, we have to be prepared accordingly, therefore, we needed to test the software to be used. Having the software tested for the first time during your finals would not be appropriate, due to the potential problems that could otherwise emerge in that period.

Hence, the examination software in position shall only be used for trials until it is ensured that it is operational with no issues for each and every student. On this occasion I would also like to share technical information regarding two issues which I believe are emerging deliberately. The software has no control over your computer, or access to your personal data. It only overrides certain features throughout an online assessment. Your computer is “unlocked” after the assessment, and continues to work normally, as if no interruptions have taken place. Your web cam feed is recorded during the exam, and kept in the servers for 24 hours, to be viewed only by your instructor. Therefore, nothing is different when compared to regular, face-to-face, proctored exams.

To conclude, our university is doing all in its power to take all measures in order to end the semester of Spring 2019-2020 in the best way possible within the framework of the current conditions, and when expected. As I have stated in my previous messages, our permanent priority is for you to leave the current period behind, encountering as few problems as possible. However, please bear with us while the university management and our faculty members are doing everything in their power in this regard, and do not collaborate in certain actions that are rooting from misinformation. Please bear in mind that we have no place for such actions while making an effort to leave no room for any injustice; since we do not wish for our distance education activities that we have been conducting with a great level of success even in these dire times to be hindered as such.

I wish you a healthy and successful day.

Kind regards. 

Prof. Dr. M. Yıldırım ÜÇTUĞ

NEW > Student Development and Counselling Center announcement dated 29.04.2020

Dear Atılım University students,

As Atılım University Student Development and Counselling Center, we continue to offer our psychological support to you online through Zoom during the ourbreak period where we are experiencing extraordinary days, away from each other.

To get an appointment or psychological support from our expert psychologists and psychological counselors, please contact us at

For more information about our center, please visit:

University Campus Regulations announcement dated 21.04.2020

Valuable members and dear students,

The extraordinary process that we have currently been experiencing due to the ongoing global Coronavirus Pandemic has deeply affected us.

As the Atılım Family, we have been doing everything in our power since Day One to take preventive measures against the outbreak.

In this regard, some of our members now work from home, while others work at the campus. Our members working at the campus are informed of the measures to be taken, their temperature and blood oxygen levels are measured daily, and masks are distributed to our members using the school buses every day. All areas are disinfected daily. Aside from these, we have decided to take additional measures.

  1. No guests shall be allowed into the University until further notice.
  2. All personnel returning to work must visit our Health Care Center for the necessary measurements once they return from their leave.
  3. Our academic/ administrative personnel working from home who are visiting the campus must go to our Health Care Center for the necessary measurements.
  4. Our part-time instructors shall be allowed into our campus upon the approval of the director of the relevant department. Such approvals should be informed to the Directorate of Security via e-mail on the exact day, and the part time instructors entering the campus must visit our Health Care Center for the necessary measurements.
  5. Students/ Scholars pursuing graduate programs may only visit the University with their advisor who is a full time academic personnel, or with a written daily pass by their advisor. Such approvals should be informed to the Directorate of Security via e-mail on the exact day, and the students/ scholars entering the campus must visit our Health Care Center for the necessary measurements.

We kindly request that you pay attention in this regard since these measures are taken in an effort to protect you and your loved ones. Have a healthy day.

Message from the President dated 15.04.2020

Dear students,

You are very young, yet, for example, in a lifetime of over 60 years, I have never seen anything like the current period. Not only you or us, but also our country and our world are indeed going through an extraordinary period.

In this period, two issues are of utmost importance for all of us. The first one is, without a doubt, the health of ourselves, and the people around us. We must follow the precautions taken in this regard until the end, and exercise utmost caution to protect ourselves, and our environment.

The second issue is your education. With the break in formal education, Atılım University has implemented a distance education model achieved by few other universities in Turkey, initiating live course streams for all levels, from Preparatory English to doctorate degree courses. You are the select few among millions of university students with such a privilege.

Important to us as much as your health are your education and recovery from this process without any losses. In this regard, we are, and shall be, doing everything in our power in the light of the developments. We have devised plans and calendars with respect to these developments, but the resolutions by our state shall give them their final form.

With the university entrance exam delayed, the beginning of the new academic year should move to October. In this framework, if we return to our daily lives at the start of summer, we do aim to start the summer school, as well. As long as you are accepted by companies, this situation also leaves time for your summer internship studies.

As per a resolution by our Senate, some of our faculty members may make projects, homework or live exams out of your midterm exams during the distance education period. We aim to perform the midterms that are not yet sat, as well as practice courses, when we start formal education.

From now on, our expectation of you is that you attend your live courses, study for your exams and spare no effort in recovering from the current extraordinary period without losses regarding your education. Remember that the world is going through a massive transformation, and technology is becoming an increasingly important element in our lives, in every aspect.

The Atılım University management and our faculty members are continuing their efforts regarding your education. You are irreplaceable for us, and our primary aim is that you walk away from the current period with as few losses as possible.

Looking forward to returning formal education, I hope that you will continue your education in the best way possible in line with the projections and the plans previously discussed, and extend my regards.

Prof. Dr. M. Yıldırım ÜÇTUĞ

Withdrawal applications announcement dated 14.04.2020

Dear Students,

Withdrawal applications will be made over ATACS as of 14.04.2020 and the system has been opened.

Registrar’s Office

University Student Registrar's Office announcement dated 06.04.2020

Within the scope of the coronavirus epidemic measures, one of our staff will be present at the University Student Registrar's Office every week day  from  April 6, 2020.

For your information

Phone : 0312- 586 82 95
E-Mail :

Department of Basic English, the courses of the fourth semester announcement dated 06.04.2020

The courses of the fourth semester at the School of Foreign Languages, Department of Basic English have begun on Monday, April 6th 2020. Additional information regarding the situation is available under Department Announcements on the web page for the Department of Basic English. I wish our Preparatory English students success in their new semester.

Prof. Dr. Yıldırım Üçtuğ

Course withdrawal announcement dated 01.04.2020

2019-2020 Academic Year Spring Semester Course Withdrawal Applications are extended until 01.05.2020.

Starting from 14.04.2020, withdrawal applications will be made through ATACS.

Copyrights of the content in the scope of distance learning announcement dated 31.03.2020

All content shared as part of the academic activities in the scope of distance education offered via Moodle and Zoom by our University (all kinds of courses, presentations, course notes, texts, photos, images, videos etc.) is the courtesy of Atılım University and the relevant instructor. All content available in this scope is protected with the Law of Intellectual Property Rights no. 5846, and Turkish Penal code no. 5237. They may not be copied, duplicated, published, distributed, made publicly available or translated into another language without permission. Any violation to these rights shall be subjected to the legal and penal sanctions under the Law of Intellectual Property Rights no. 5846 and Turkish Penal Code no. 5237. Relevant individuals have the right to initiate legal actions against any violation detected.

Library book returning announcement dated 31.03.2020

Dear Students,

The due dates to return the books from our library is now updated to May 29th over the Automation System. We would like to inform you that we may change the due dates in line with the progression of the current process.

Distance education announcement dated 30.03.2020

Keeping your health and safety in mind, we have started distance education. We wish our students success and most importantly, a healthy day. We are looking forward to seeing you again at our campus.

Distance education announcement dated 27.03.2020

Dear students,  

In order to follow the live lessons that will start on the regularly scheduled hours, on Monday, March 30, the Zoom links of the courses you are taking will be shared with you on the Moodle pages of the courses you are taking in the format

https: // / ...............  

You may connect to the live session by just clicking the link. These links will also be sent to your e-mail addresses with the extension  

In case you encounter problems with live sessions, you have to share this via e-mail with your Dean's Office, Institute/School Directorate or Department Head.  

Basic English (English Preparatory) live lesson application will start on Monday, April 6. There is currently no information available for normal summer school and summer internships. Developments will be shared with you in due time.  

I would like to remind you once again that you must attend live classes, study your lessons and be ready for the exams to be held on the days we start formal education. I wish you success and healthy days in this new period.  

Prof. Dr. Yildirim Uctug

Distance education announcement dated 26.03.2020

Dear Students,

Our University has completed the necessary efforts to offer distance education as a result of the interruption in education within the framework of the pandemic emerging globally, and in our country. A license for the Zoom platform has been obtained for all part time or full time instructors at our University. In this regard, all courses, except for preparatory English courses, are to be streamed live through Zoom from Monday, March 30th, at their regular course hours. You are not required to purchase Zoom yourselves. You may find the information on which session to join to access your courses, and additional technical details on how to use Zoom, on our web page, and the Moodle page for the relevant course. While live classes will be streamed over Zoom, Moodle will still be used for additional course material, and homework purposes.

Live courses for the preparatory English program are starting on Monday, April 6th.

For now, we aim to leave the current period behind with no disruptions or shortcomings regarding your education. In this framework, distance education and live courses are to continue until May 29th, 2020. Then, at a future date to be announced by the Higher Education Council when formal education shall continue, theoretical courses are to be reviewed, practice sessions will be held, your midterms, and your finals, will be administered; in order to conclude the semester at a convenient date. In the light of these events, it is currently indefinite whether our summer school is to open. We will be informing you in line with the date to be announced by the Higher Education Council to return formal education.

I would like to emphasize again that the Semester of Spring 2019-2020 is to proceed through computers, tablets or phones as planned, instead of proceeding inside classrooms. In this framework, I kindly request that you join the live courses, study and be prepared for the midterms that are to take place once we return to formal education.

I wish you a successful, and a healthy day. We are looking forward to meeting you soon, at our University.

Prof. Dr. M. Yıldırım ÜÇTUĞ

Student Affairs announcement dated 25.03.2020

Dear Members, Students,

Within the scope of the coronavirus epidemic measures, the Student Affairs Directorate of our university will be provided between the dates of 25 March - 6 April 2020 via and you can contact us via this e-mail address.

Thank you for your understanding.

Distance education announcement dated 23.03.2020

Dear Students,

Our country and our world are witnessing a period quite extraordinary. First of all, I would like to wish you, your family and your friends a healthy day.

As you are aware, classroom teaching at universities is experiencing an interruption due to the corona virus pandemic. Universities are starting to offer distance education for the time being as per the resolution by the Higher Education Council. As Atılım University, we are working intensively in this matter.

In this scope, as well as mandatory and elective courses, the theoretical portions of practice courses at all levels are available to you through the Moodle system. To gain access, you will need to log into using the e-mail address provided by our University, and your password. A considerable portion of the courses of Spring are now available on Moodle. Our efforts to make the remaining courses available are continuing. In the event of problems regarding course access, you may e-mail the Dean/ Director of the relevant department to inform them accordingly.

For the time being, practice courses will not be offered. A decision will be taken on whether these courses will be within the scope of distance education activities, or within the framework of compact education in the light of the updates. We will keep you updated.

For the time being, no exams are to be administered remotely. Your midterm and final exams are to be administered once education activities resume at the university.

Level results for the Basic English Department (Preparatory School) have been determined taking into account the first exams, homework, quizzes and attendance. Level results are to be announced on March 24th. The new levels and sections are to be determined within the next two weeks and after the necessary preparations, the fourth quarter of the preparatory English course shall begin on April 13th.

ENG122, 222 and 322, courses offered by the Department of Modern Languages, are now available on Moodle for the students taking the class from all departments. Our efforts continue to upload the ENG102, 202 and 302 courses onto Moodle. We will keep you updated.

Live courses are to be offered for some of our courses, primarily those offered by the Departments of Basic English, and Modern Languages. You may follow the updates on this matter on the Moodle page of the relevant course.

Returning students within the scope of the Erasmus program may contact their advisors to determine the classes they wish to take. They will be registered to the courses of their choice, and given access to distance education.

Our message to you is “Stay home, stay healthy.” We kindly suggest that you follow the official accounts of our university, and do not go out unless you absolutely must.

We hope that you will continue your education remotely, and with the same encouragement, for the time being. We hope to see you soon at our campus.

Best regards.

Modern Languages Education Plan Rearranged announcement dated 23.03.2020

Atılım University School of Foreign Languages Department of Modern Languages Education Plan Rearranged against the Virus Outbreak For Turkish-Language Students (ENG122, ENG221, ENG222, ENG321, ENG322)

Due to country-wide precautions against the Coronavirus outbreak, in order to prevent any interruption in education, as well as avoid any unjust treatment towards you as our dear students, the English courses offered by the Department of Modern Languages at the School of Foreign Languages, their practice courses and assessments are to progress remotely.

Starting from March 25th, 2020, your courses are to proceed remotely over Moodle, instead of face-to-face courses at the campus. You will need your Atılım e-mail accounts and passwords to access Moodle via to access your courses coded ENG. You may only register to the Moodle system using your Atılım e-mail accounts. If you are already registered on Moodle, you may follow your courses by clicking your course code via the “My Courses” tab on the Moodle platform which will take you to the “DISTANCE LEARNING 2019-2020” page for your ENG course. For example, if you are taking ENG122 in the Spring of 2019-2020, you may log into Moodle, click the “My Courses” tab and reach the home page for your course titled “ENG122 Distance Learning 2019-2020”.

Your remote courses are to proceed weekly as a 1-hour video presentation, and a 1-hour live Q&A session to be prepared by the instructors from the DML. In this regard, you are expected to join the Q&A sessions of that particular week after you watch a weekly course presentation video. Online live Q&A sessions are to be conducted by the instructor assigned to your section. You may find the timetables for each section on the document accessible through Moodle. Students may only join the “LIVE Q&A SESSION” of the course and the section where they are registered.

Further details will be shared via Moodle. Therefore, we kindly suggest that you follow Moodle, and your department web page at

Department of Modern Languages

Library announcement dated 20.03.2020

Dear Members and Students,

Due to our precautions against the Coronavirus outbreak, our Kadriye Zaim Library will be closed between March 23rd and April 6th.
You may change your Proxy settings via to be able to access the databases which are subscribed to, or purchased, by our University, externally in this period.
The due date to return your borrowed resources of information has been extended to 06.04.2020, in order to prevent any unjust treatment.

Thank you for your understanding.

Announcement dated 18.03.2020

Dear Students,

We are currently working on distance education and we will be informing you as soon as we can.

Gym announcement dated 17.03.2020

Dear members and students,

The gym at our university will be closed between March 18th - April 6th.

Library announcement dated 17.03.2020

Dear members and students,

Kadriye Zaim Library at our University will be open between 09.00-16.00 between the dates March 18th - April 6th. Our 24/7 study centers will be closed.

16.03.2020: Message from the President - Follow Our Announcements Online 

Dear Students,

As you may know, academic activities at all universities have been suspended until April 6th, 2020, as per the Resolution by the Presidency Cabinet.  We project that education activities shall continue from that date as usual, however, we will be informing you via our website of possible updates. Please do not consider the break as your vacation; we request that you refrain from forgoing your studies during the break and review your courses, in preparation for your return.

We wish you a healthy and peaceful day.

16.03.2020: COVID-19 Commission

A commission has been formed and has started operations to inform our members and students of the updates regularly and execute procedures effectively during the academic break.

Announcement dated 16.03.2020 (2)

Dear Members,

Our working hours are now set to 09.00-16.30 until further notice, and our personnel buses will leave at 16.45, including today.

Announcement dated 16.03.2020

Dear Members,

Although it was previously stated that the personnel detailed below would be on administrative leave between 16.03.2020-05.04.2020 as per the Resolution by the Board of Higher Education dated 13.03.2020 and conveyed to our University unofficially, the decision has been revised by the board of Higher Education, and the leave period has been amended to be exercised as 12 days starting from 16.03.2020.  Therefore, it has been decided that the personnel mentioned below shall be deemed to be on leave between 16.03.2020-29.03.2020, and to be on paid annual leave from 30.03.2020 to 05.04.2020.

The personnel mentioned in the clauses below are hereby “on administrative leave”. They are to be using their annual leave between 30.03.2020-05.04.2020, and return to their positions on 06.04.2020 until further notice:

  1. Academic and administrative staff born on 15.03.1960 and earlier (staff of 60 years of age by 15.03.2020) except for presidents, vice presidents, deans, directors of independent vocational universities of foundations, university directors and secretaries general,
  2. Staff with chronic diseases who present a document from the Health Affairs Coordination Office at our University stating their chronic illnesses to our Personnel Directorate by 16.03.2020 the latest,
  3. Staff employed as handicapped personnel,
  4. Pregnant staff who present a medical report by 16.03.2020 the latest to our Personnel Directorate.
  5. Staff who are on their legal maternity leave.

Correspondence titled “Announcement” from the Directorate of the Council of Higher Education

Please click here to access the correspondence.

Announcement dated 14.03.2020

Dear students, we would like to inform you that in the event of leaving Turkey during the break of three weeks at our University, you will be expected to declare so on your return; otherwise, actions may be taken against you. In addition, please be informed that you will be unable to attend classes or exams for at least 14 days after you return to Turkey, and may not demand rights regarding absence, or days off.

Announcement dated 13.03.2020

Dear Members,

As per the decision by the Council of Higher Education dated 13.03.2020, due to health problems experienced throughout the world due to Covid-19,

The personnel deemed limited under the clauses below shall be on administrative leave between 16.03.2020 and 05-04-2020, returning to work on 06.04.2020.

  1. Academic and administrative staff born on 15.03.1960 and earlier (staff of 60 years of age by 15.03.2020) except for presidents, vice presidents, deans, directors of independent vocational universities of foundations, university directors and secretaries general,
  2. Staff with chronic diseases who present a document from the Health Affairs Coordination Office at our University stating their chronic illnesses to our Personnel Directorate by 16.03.2020 the latest,
  3. Staff employed as “handicapped personnel”,
  4. Pregnant staff who present a medical report by 16.03.2020 to our Personnel Directorate.

Announcement dated 12.03.2020 (3)

Dear Members,

In line with the measures taken due to the cases of the 2019-nCov (Coronavirus) Disease emerging in our country, a resolution has been reached regarding our Administrative Personnel not to use the fingerprint trackers when entering and leaving their offices, until further notice.

We kindly request that the required care and precision be exercised regarding your hours of entry and exit.

Announcement dated 12.03.2020 (2)

Dear Students, we kindly request that you see a doctor in the event that you have a fever and at least one of the symptoms and findings (coughing and respiration issues) of acute respiratory diseases and the clinical table may not be explained with another etiology, and you have been abroad in the span of 14 days before seeing the symptoms; or that you have at least one of the symptoms and findings (coughing and respiration issues) and you have come into contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the span of 14 days before seeing the symptoms.

Announcement dated 12.03.2020

Dear Students, as the COVID-19 virus is spreading and infections relating to it are the case in many countries, our students who have been abroad for any reason between February 28th - March 11th, or those who are yet to return are considered to be on leave for a maximum of 14 days on the basis of the date of their entry to the country. For this reason, we kindly request that you apply to the Dean’s Office as soon as possible with information relevant to your visit (a copy of the page of your passport showing the seal of entry and exit to and from the country, tickets etc.).

Announcement dated 11.03.2020

Dear Members,

Our members returning to Turkey from abroad in the last week are considered to be on administrative leave. I kindly request that they do not return to work during that period.

Announcement dated 25.02.2020

Following the first reports of cases of new coronovirus disease in China, the outbreak has rapidly evolved affecting other countries and cases have been detected in neighborhood countries. For this reason,  this information  about basic preventive measures against the coronovirus disease (COVİD-19) and all other respiratory viruses has been prepared.

  1. Anyone who has viral respiratory diseases symptoms should cover nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing and sneezing, If it is possible should avoid close contacts with others, and should wear a medical mask
  2. Hands must be washed regularly, especially after contact with sick people and surfaces around them. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth before hand washing.
  3. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, if soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  4. Avoid close contact with people and maintain  who are sick and sneezing and coughing or having nasal discharge,  maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and with whom

Protection measures for persons who are in or have recently visited (past 14 days) areas where COVID-19 is spreading or contacting with a sick people coming from these countries.

If you develop fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical advice promptly.